Buenos Aires

11th Anniversary Of Kosteki And Santillan Murder By The Police

Deserted Highway

by: The WILD

Patricio Murphy/Zuma Press Activists block the Pueyrredon Bridge in Buenos Aires, Argentina in remembrance of the deaths of Dario Santillan and Maximiliano Kosteki at the hands of police.

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Barbara Williams interview WILD mag music

A Buenos Aires Star in the Making

by: Mario Rodriguez

In the midst of record-breaking summer heat for South America, we packed our video cameras and our sound equipment to capture the magic that is Barbara Williams, a 21 year-old singer from Argentina with a […]

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by: Diego Martínez

Who: Florencia Alvarado What she does: Photographer, art director, Where she is right now: Buenos Aires, Argentina Photo by: Fernando Hideki Tsuchiya What’s on her mind today: I had some weird dreams, and then I […]

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