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Texting about Photography with John Pena

by: Hillary Esther Sproul

Musician John Pena, formerly of Beach Fossils, is not trying to be a photographer, he just happens to be really good at it.

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WILD Profile: Aurora James

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Aurora James, the founder and creative director of Brother Vellies, may have been named after a Disney princess, but she's no sleeping beauty.

Tags: Aurora James, Brooklyn, Brother Vellies, Canada, Doom Squad, Fashion, Jack Kerouac, Pace, Princess Aurora, Pussy Riot, Sleeping Beauty, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile
Gracie and Rachel interview WILD music

WILD Profile: Gracie and Rachel

by: Lia Hallie

Meet Brooklyn music duo, Gracie and Rachel.

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Little Big League

Northside Festival 2014

by: Katie Chow

Complete music coverage of Brooklyn's Northside Festival.

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Northside Festival Mix

by: Katie Chow

We're gearing up for Brooklyn's Northside Festival with this mix of diamonds in the rough.

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A WILD Session with Bowmont

by: The WILD

Electronic rock collective Bowmont drop by the warehouse for our latest WILD Session.

Tags: Blaine Skrainka, Bowmont, Brooklyn, indie rock, Joseph Isho Levinson, Livia Coulias Blanc, music, The Wild Magazine, WILD Sessions
DSC_7362 2

Bat Your Lashes with Mirit Weinstock

by: Abigail Doan

Whether or not fake eyelashes dipped in silver are your personal idea of glamourous prosthetics for a night out on the town, artist and designer Mirit Weinstock might be several steps ahead in terms of artificial (style) devices with her handcrafted jewelry intended to invert the rules of accessorizing.

Tags: Abigail Doan, Alber Elbaz, Alexander McQueen, Anthropologie, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Brooklyn, Colette Paris, Fashion, Israel, Li Edelkoort, London, M ♥ W, Maison Lanvin, MFA, Mirit Weinstock, Paris, ready to wear, Shoelace Jewelry, Spring/Summer 2014, SS14, Swords-Smith, Tel Aviv, The Wild Magazine, View on Colour, Zozo Japan

Photo Series: The Obscurity of a Chain Necklace

by: Hillary Esther Sproul

Understanding "The Obscurity of a Chain Necklace" with photographer June Canedo.

Tags: Beaches, blue skies, Brazil, Brooklyn, chain necklaces, Hillary Sproul, june canedo, Men, New York City, photography

9 x 9: Danielle Reuther

by: Hillary Esther Sproul

Nine images and nine words from photographer Danielle Reuther.

Tags: Brooklyn, danielle reuther, Hillary Sproul, Images, Los Angeles, New York, NYU, photographer, photography, words
Take Berlin WILD mag

A WILD Session with Take Berlin

by: The WILD

Jesse and Yvonne of Take Berlin dropped by the warehouse this week for a chilled-out take on “Vermona” off the duo’s Lionize EP. After packing up the guitar and Wurlitzer, the pair is off to […]

Tags: acoustic, Blaine Skrainka, Brooklyn, Jesse Barnes, Joseph Isho Levinson, music, Stephanie Stal, Take Berlin, The Wild Magazine, WILD Sessions, Yvonne Ambrée
Joey Badass WILD Youth

School of Hard Knocks

by: The WILD

Tags: Armen Djerrahian, Brooklyn, Hip-Hop, Joey Bada$$, Joey Badass, lia hallie, music, Rap, The Wild Magazine, Youth Issue
Joey Badass interview WILD YOUTH

School of Hard Knocks

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

YOUTH Issue cover boy Joey Bada$$ divulges on his steady rise in the hip hop scene and his unrivaled hometown—Brooklyn.

Tags: Armen Djerrahian, Brooklyn, Emily Kirkpatrick, Hip-Hop, Interviews, Joey Bada$$, Joey Badass, music, Rap, The Wild Magazine, Youth Issue
Little Daylight interview WILD music

WILD Profile: Little Daylight, Experimental Movements

by: The WILD

Introducing Brooklyn indie pop trio, Little Daylight.

Tags: Brooklyn, Indie, Interviews, Little Daylight, music, pop, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES


by: Scott Brasher

Name: Kimi Selfridge Occupation: Photographer + Stylist Location: Brooklyn, NY WILD Wish: World Domination

Tags: Brooklyn, Fashion, Kimi Selfridge, NYC, Scott Brasher, Seen on the streets, street style, The Wild Magazine
Alana Dee Haynes WILD arts

WILD Profile: Alana Dee Haynes, Beauty in the Differences

by: Blaine Skrainka

Who: Alana Dee Haynes Where she was born: New York City Where she lives now: New York City What she does: I’m a mixed media artist, usually working with illustrations on photographs, but dabbling with […]

Tags: Alana Dee Haynes, Arts, Blaine Skrainka, Brooklyn, Interviews, mixed media, NYC, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES
Brooklyn street style WILD mag


by: Scott Brasher

Name: Eric Gutmann Occupation: Art Director + Guitarist Location: Brooklyn, NY WILD Wish: Motorcycle trip from the top of North America to the bottom of South America

Tags: Brooklyn, Fashion, NYC, Scott Brasher, Seen on the streets, street style, The Wild Magazine
Brooklyn street style


by: Scott Brasher

Name: Marie Sophie Lockhart Seen: Brooklyn

Tags: Brooklyn, Marie Sophie Lockhart, NYC, Scott Brasher, Seen on the streets, street style, The Wild Magazine
WILD street style NYC fashion


by: Scott Brasher

Name: Rachel Iwanyszyn Occupation: Blogger Location: Brooklyn, NY WILD Wish: Live in a treehouse in the woods

Tags: Brooklyn, Fashion, NYC, Scott Brasher, Seen on the streets, street style, The Wild Magazine
Old Money interview WILD mag music

WILD Profile: Old Money, Pure Heart Bad Mind

by: Katie Chow

Who: A. Julian of Old Money Where he was born: Kingston, Jamaica. Where he lives now:A roomshare in Brooklyn made of amethyst and rubies with Gaddafi’s imperial amazonian guard. What he does:Write. Produce. Watch Youtube […]

Tags: A. Julian, Brooklyn, Interviews, Jamaica, Katie Chow, Kingston, music, NYC, Old Money, WILD PROFILES, Yeezus
David Harper

Brooklyn Based

by: Kate Messinger

There are few curators of prestigious art institutions who’d dare venture outside the holy city of Manhattan and come see what’s brewing in the borough across the bridge. But to David Harper, the Visual Arts […]

Tags: BAM, Bold, Brooklyn, David Harper, Fischer Theatre, Interviews, NYC, The Wild Magazine
Take Berlin

WILD Profile: Take Berlin, and Brooklyn, and Brazil

by: Blaine Skrainka

Who: Jesse Barnes; Yvonne Ambrée a.k.a. Take Berlin Where they were born: J: Cleveland, Ohio; Y: Berlin, Germany Where they live now: J: Brooklyn; Y: Little bit of Berlin, little bit more of Brooklyn What they do: J: […]

Tags: Berlin, Blaine Skrainka, Brooklyn, Jesse Barnes, Lazer Cake, music, Take Berlin, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES, Yvonne Ambrée
WILD Profile: Erik Bucci

Erik, the “Eternal Ruler”

by: Guillaume Boulez

Who: Member of the family of light Erik: Norse pagan name meaning “Eternal Ruler” Bucci: Italian surname originating in the Provence of Forli c. 1350 AD Where: Brooklyn What he does: Communicator, explorer and philosopher […]

Tags: "drunk face", "Eternal Ruler”, 1350 AD, 18th Dynasty, 90’s fads, Botox, Brooklyn, Brotherhood, brown, camel, camel toe, Collagen, communicator, drag, Egyptian, elf-like footwear, Essene, excessive fragrance, explorer, FIT, forest green, Gale Branding, hard lighting, interpersonal dissatisfaction, Italian, lead based lip stick, liturgical anything, mainstream society, materialism., Mayan, patchouli, petroleum derivatives, philosopher, separation, Southard Communications, Spilios, Sumerian, the colors beige, the Provence of Forli, tope, unity, West Chelsea PR & Marketing firms
WILD Profile: The Bones of J.R. Jones

WILD Profile: The Bones of J.R. Jones

by: Lisa Przystup

Who: The Bones of J.R. Jones Born: Syracuse Resides: Downwind of the East River What he does: Musician Photo by Nolan Conway What’s on his mind today: Um. I suppose a number of things…if it’s […]

Tags: banjo, blues, Brooklyn, Folk, music, Pete's Candy Store, Syracuse, The Bones of J.R. Jones, The Wildness,


by: Blaine Skrainka

Who: Monica Sharp; born in Houston, Texas; DJ Where: Brooklyn, New York What she’s currently working on: A few vocal tracks and events and trying to finish this mix Ive been procrastinating on for months. […]

Tags: Blaine Skrainka, Brooklyn, Culture, Dennis Kucinich, DJ Monica Sharp, music, New York City, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES