Alexandra Stewart interview WILD mag

Deep Cuts: Alexandra Stewart [Exclusive Stream: I Grow]

by: Andrew Prieto

This week we introduce one of the most beloved female vocalists that the DIY scene has to offer, Alexandra Stewart. Melt with me.

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Salt Cathedral WILD mag

Deep Cuts: Salt Cathedral

by: Andrew Prieto

If there was ever a river that flowed, taking each bend and curve in perfection, Salt Cathedral has surely floated lazily down it.

Tags: Brooklyn, Colombia, Deep Cuts, female vocals, guitar, Indie, juliana ronderos, New York, nico losadas, Rock, salt cathedral

Deep Cuts: Napoleon

by: Andrew Prieto

Napoleon, while maintaining the essence of pop rock goodness, digs to a deeper level than a first listen could ever demonstrate.

Tags: anderson, Brooklyn, Deep Cuts, Indie, Julian, napoleon, New York, New York City, pop, Rock, sarafan, shuffle, success

Photo Series: The Obscurity of a Chain Necklace

by: Hillary Sproul

Understanding "The Obscurity of a Chain Necklace" with photographer June Canedo.

Tags: Beaches, blue skies, Brazil, Brooklyn, chain necklaces, Hillary Sproul, june canedo, Men, New York City, photography

Seen on the Streets: Natalia Maurer

by: Scott Brasher

WILD Wish: Be a creative director

Tags: Brooklyn, Fashion, Natalia Maurer, New York, Scott Brasher, Seen on the Street, The Wild Magazine
WILD seen on the streets

Seen on the Streets: Mariah Strongin

by: Scott Brasher

WILD Wish: Walk in the Victoria's Secret Show

Tags: Brooklyn, Fashion, Mariah Strongin, New York, Scott Brasher, Seen on the Street, The Wild Magazine

9 x 9: Danielle Reuther

by: Hillary Sproul

Nine images and nine words from photographer Danielle Reuther.

Tags: Brooklyn, danielle reuther, Hillary Sproul, Images, Los Angeles, New York, NYU, photographer, photography, words
Take Berlin WILD mag

A WILD Session with Take Berlin

by: The WILD

Jesse and Yvonne of Take Berlin dropped by the warehouse this week for a chilled-out take on “Vermona” off the duo’s Lionize EP. After packing up the guitar and Wurlitzer, the pair is off to […]

Tags: acoustic, Blaine Skrainka, Brooklyn, Jesse Barnes, Joseph Isho Levinson, music, Stephanie Stal, Take Berlin, The Wild Magazine, WILD Sessions, Yvonne Ambrée
Bad Girlfriend interview WILD mag

WILD Profile: Bad Girlfriend, Getting Weird, Getting Moving, Getting it

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Female quartet Bad Girlfriend gets it in this week's WILD Profile.

Tags: bad girlfriend, Brooklyn, Interviews, Isaac Perez Solano, music, WILD PROFILES

Seen on the Streets: Laura Krey

by: Scott Brasher

WILD Wish: To not skate into parked cars while talking

Tags: Brooklyn, Fashion, Laura Krey, New York, Scott Brasher, Seen on the Street, The Wild Magazine