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Not Just For Tourists: Graff Tours Brings Street Art Above Ground

by: Cleo Levin

Graf Tours balances the public’s hunger for street art with the form’s origins--rebellion, individuality, and anonymity--by providing artist run tours of North America's best street art spots.

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the wild graffiti art street 5 Pointz Queens torn down closing

Is It The End Of New York’s Greatest Graffiti Institution?

by: Katie Grimmer

Queens can sometimes get a bad rap. As far as every day attractions, the biggest thing it has to offer is MOMA PS1. The gentrification is exponentially slower than Brooklyn so the ever-growing hipster population […]

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Banksy Better Out Than In

Banksy Let’s It All Out

by: Blaine Skrainka

Subversive stenciler or aerosol-laden hack? Love him or hate him, Banksy is back with a new piece recently spotted in L.A. The official Banksy site confirms the authenticity and names the work “Better Out Than […]

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russian street art Pasha P183 banksy died

Russian Street Artist Pasha dies at 29

by: Kate Messinger

It’s hard to know much about a man that makes a living breaking the law, but Pasha P183, the 29-year-old street artist often compared to Banksy, let his public murals and sculptures speak for him. Though the […]

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Banksy WILD mag arts

The Great Banksy Caper

by: Stephen Paulsen

Few people are without an opinion on Banksy, and fewer still are unfamiliar. The elusive, Bristol-based graffiti artist has made quite the pseudonym for himself by either a) making decent street art a reality or […]

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Derek Weisberg interview WILD mag arts

Sculptor Derek Weisberg Takes Manhattan, And All Surrounding Boroughs

by: Amy DuFault

Moving from one place to another you take certain bits of comfort with you. For sculptor Derek Weisberg, the move from Oakland, California to Brooklyn, New York was all about retaining the thread of street […]

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Brandlism FI

Olympic ‘Brandalism’ takes to the Streets of the London Games

by: Blaine Skrainka

As our pop culture becomes ever-more commercialized, we are constantly inundated with a floods of advertisements. Public space is reserved for those who can pay for it, while artists are criminalized. The likes of Banksy, […]

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Banksy London 2012

Let the Games Begin!

by: Joseph Johnson

The London 2012 Olympic Games are upon us and to celebrate, British street art rapscallion, Banksy has blessed the English capital with two new pieces of slightly politically-charged art. The artist revealed the works on […]

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The Fallen King

by: Blaine Skrainka

An old school UK graffiti artist has regained prominence in recent years due in part to a tit for tat tagging feud with the most famous street artist in the world. Robbo began as a […]

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by: Blaine Skrainka

Notorious street artist Banksy and iconic actor Tom Hanks have been simply yet brilliantly been mashed up for some graffiti tomfoolery. The pieces by the mysterious Hanksy have been popping up recently across the Lower […]

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