WILD Profile: Angelica Pasquini of MA, Ready or Not

by: Kate Messinger

Brooklyn girl group, Ma, is cool enough for the stage and sweet enough to bring home to mom.

Tags: Angelica Krista Lucia Pasquini, Artist, band, music
The Wild Magazine, Tara Donovan

SPOTLIGHT: Tara Donovan

by: Kaelie Kelleher

Tara Donovan transforms piles of mundane office supplies into pieces that tap into minimalism and our wildest imagination at the same time.

Tags: ART, Artist, Kaelie Kelleher, New York, Tara Donovan, The Wild Magazine
the wild evan jenkins

Artist of the Week: Evan Jenkins

by: Kate Messinger

Photographer, art handler, drummer. This Chicago based artist has his hands full, but his vision focused.

Tags: ART, Artist, Evan Jenkins, photographer, photography, The Wild Magazine

ART TALK with Furniture Designer Maximillian Eicke

by: Haley Houseman

Maximillian Eicke is the master of opposites. Whether organic and sleek or delicate and monolithic, this furniture designer makes the mis-matching of characteristics look natural.

Tags: ART, art talks, Artist, Design, Haley Houseman, Max Eicke
jennifer mien mien lin artist of the week

Artist of the Week: Jennifer Mien Mien Lin

by: Michael Valinsky

Explore the sexually charged world of Taipei born artist.

Tags: Artist, Artist of the week, Jennifer Mien Mien Lin, Michael Valinsky
Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.05.22 AM

WILD Profile: David Gómez, Tolerate All Faults

by: Isaac Perez Solano

This Spanish artist manipulates women in the right way (by illustrating over vintage photography and his own exceptional portraits!)

Tags: Artist, Arts, David Gómez, illustrator, photographer, WILD Profile
the wild

WILD PROFILE: Angeline Rivas, Ballpoint

by: Kacie Tomita

With only a ballpoint pen, this L.A. based artist takes us to another world.

Tags: Angeline Rivas, Artist, Ballpoint pen, Kacie Tomita, latex sculptures, Los Angeles, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile
Gabriella Picone profile the wild

WILD Profile: Gabriella Picone, Gilded Rocks and Penpals

by: Kate Messinger

Artist and writer Gabriella Picone opens up about her unconventional process, love of geology and the importance of a good hand written letter.

Tags: Artist, Gabriella Picone, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile
jenny brown wild profile

WILD Profile: Jenny Brown, The Sky is Everywhere!

by: Julia Lola Wang

Collage artist Jenny Brown talks about the calming nature of a beautiful bakery and the art of finding and foraging ephemera for her work.

Tags: Artist, collage, Jenny Brown, the WILD, WILD Profile
Impossible Project Patrick Winfeild polaroids the wild photography

Patrick Winfield’s Way Of Seeing

by: Jinee Son

Polaroid film may be instant, but artist Patrick Winfeild takes the time to craft together his shots for a new show a the Impossible Project in New York. The result is worth a second look.

Tags: ART, Artist, Film, Impossible Project, Interviews, Jinee Son, Patrick Winfield, photography, Polaroid, the WILD
WILD profile Erica Peters artist photography

WILD Profile: Erica Peters, He Makes Her Better

by: The WILD

Photographer Erica Peters and designer Luis Mark Gonzalez Jr are the artistic couple of your dreams, but they've got talent and a passion for helping animals to back up a relationship we can't help but envy.

Tags: Artist, Bouncing Cars, Erica Peters, Luis Mark Gonzalez Jr, photography, the WILD, WILD PROFILES
Yanyan Huang the wild artist fashion

Yanyan Huang

by: Yanyan Huang

Name: Yanyan Huang Occupation: Artist and writer Where you were born: Sichuan, China Where you live now: Florence, Italy What are you currently working on? A series of silk dresses printed from paintings, drawings, and […]

Tags: Artist, Fashion, featured-page, illustrator, the WILD, WILD contributer, Yanyan Huang
Lena Corwin art book

WILD Profile: Lena of all Trades

by: Katie Grimmer

Who: Lena Corwin Where she was born: San Francisco, California Where she is currently living: Brooklyn, New York What she does: I’m lucky to make a living doing a variety of creative work that I love– from book […]

Tags: ART, Artist, illustrator, Katie Grimmer, Lena Corwin, publisher, teacher, textile design, The Wild Magazine, writer
Jeffrey Nentrup


by: Lia Hallie

Who: Jeffrey Nentrup Where: Los Angeles, CA What he does: Painter, Illustrator, Concept Design Artist What’s on his mind today: How anesthesia works? (My kitten is in surgery at the moment.) What he is currently […]

Tags: Artist, illustrator, jeffrey nentrup, kobi briant, lia hallie, Los Angeles, painter, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES
helio morais drums


by: Lia Hallie

Who: Hélio Morais Where: Lisboa/Portugal What he does: Musician What’s on his mind today: Updating my touring agenda and late rehearsal with Linda Martini What he is currently working on: PAUS has a new record, […]

Tags: Artist, helio morais, if lucy fell, lia hallie, linda martini, lisboa, music, paus, rock band, the WILD, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES
Teena Kang in LA

WILD PROFILE: Andrew Belvedere and the faux-pas’

by: Teena Kang

Who: Andrew Belvedere. Where: Venice California. Born in Queens, NY. What he does: Art. What’s on his mind today: A clear slate… Emptiness with a slight edge on it… Complete hypocrisy for current peace of […]

Tags: Andrew Belvedere, Artist, dolls, LA, queens, Teena Kang, The Wild Magazine, Venice, WILD PROFILES
Antonin Gaultier


by: Marine de la Morandière

Who: Antonin Gaultier What he does: Sound Artist, Editor / Curator Where he is: Tokyo / Elsewhere   What’s on his mind today: Today, I am in Tokyo, planning a few ideas for 2011/2012. I […]

Tags: Abdel Bounane, Anja Rubik, Anna Karina, Antonin Gaultier, Arthur Russell, Artist, Björk, Booba, Brian Eno, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, David Bowie, David Lynch, Digiki, Emmanuel Marre, Grace Jones, Gregg Araki, Harmony Korine, Jarvis Cocker, Karl Lagerfeld, Keith Richards, Maddin, Mai Ueda, Marine de la Morandiere, Momoko Seto, Orson Welles, Oscar Niemeyer, Paris, Paz de la Huerta, Serge Gainsbourg, Show must go wrong, Steven Soderbergh, Stevie Wonder, The Daily Show, The Wild Magazine, Tokyo, Tom Ford, Twin Peaks, Vladimir Karaleev, Werner Herzog, WILD PROFILES, Yann le Goec