Gabriella Picone profile the wild

WILD Profile: Gabriella Picone, Gilded Rocks and Penpals

by: Kate Messinger

Artist and writer Gabriella Picone opens up about her unconventional process, love of geology and the importance of a good hand written letter.

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jenny brown wild profile

WILD Profile: Jenny Brown, The Sky is Everywhere!

by: Julia Lola Wang

Collage artist Jenny Brown talks about the calming nature of a beautiful bakery and the art of finding and foraging ephemera for her work.

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Impossible Project Patrick Winfeild polaroids the wild photography

Patrick Winfield’s Way Of Seeing

by: Jinee Son

Polaroid film may be instant, but artist Patrick Winfeild takes the time to craft together his shots for a new show a the Impossible Project in New York. The result is worth a second look.

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WILD profile Erica Peters artist photography

WILD Profile: Erica Peters, He Makes Her Better

by: The WILD

Photographer Erica Peters and designer Luis Mark Gonzalez Jr are the artistic couple of your dreams, but they've got talent and a passion for helping animals to back up a relationship we can't help but envy.

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Marcel Castenmiller photography model art the wild hillary sproul

Marcel Castenmiller and His Childlike Eye

by: Hillary Sproul

I asked artist and photographer Marcel Castenmiller what he sought to explore through his work and he answered, “I only explore my life”. And it’s a life worthy of all that photographic exploration. In the […]

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Gordon Holden T Shirts WILD Fashion

Gordon Holden: T-shirts for the Conscious Soul

by: Mario Rodriguez

There are only a few everyday situations that still manage to wake up those small particles of intelligence that have somehow survived inside our brains. For instance, when someone says: Hey, Let’s go to the […]

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Yanyan Huang the wild artist fashion

Yanyan Huang

by: Yanyan Huang

Name: Yanyan Huang Occupation: Artist and writer Where you were born: Sichuan, China Where you live now: Florence, Italy What are you currently working on? A series of silk dresses printed from paintings, drawings, and […]

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India Salvor Menuez art

A Muse’s Musings: the Art of India Salvor Menuez

by: Serena Qiu

We remember and return to the clear-eyed India Salvor Menuez because her beauty is of the disquieting and diaphanous variety, without a specific name. You might have seen her recently in our pages (here and […]

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Ray Smith WILD mag arts

Ray Smith’s “Here | Now”

by: Katie Grimmer

New Jersey is still picking up the pieces from Hurricane Sandy, including artist Ray Smith, who was given a second chance after his studio flooded. Mana Contemporary, a Jersey City art venue, offered its space […]

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Lena Corwin art book

WILD Profile: Lena of all Trades

by: Katie Grimmer

Who: Lena Corwin Where she was born: San Francisco, California Where she is currently living: Brooklyn, New York What she does: I’m lucky to make a living doing a variety of creative work that I love– from book […]

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