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Gallery Spy: Liquor Store at Paradise Garage

by: Kate Messinger

Have you ever been really high alone in a bodega late at night...

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Are Drones the Cool New Artists? (Not Quite)

by: Kate Messinger

New York City graffiti artist KATSU has brought robotics into the art world with the Spraycopter, but that doesn't make it good.

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sandy art the wild mag

Artist of the Week: Sandy Honig of Rookie Mag

by: Claire Voon

We talk to 21 year old photographer Sandy Honig of Rookie Magazine about her sublime ability to capture quirky moments in every setting.

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WILD magazine loves

The WILD Loves

by: The WILD

Get inside our minds at

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Artist Of The Week: Kill and Dave of Hungry Castle

by: Kate Messinger

Get in the heads of Barcelona based artist collective Hungry Castle, who's larger than life sculptures, from Big Bird to Lionel Richie are giving the world a cheeky, but innovative, art experience. We catch up with creators Kill and Dave about everything from dick pics to lawsuits.

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the wild i am not your joke Daniel Arzola

I’m Not Your Joke: Combating Homophobia in Venezuela with Art

by: The WILD

During a time of political unrest and cultural change in Venezuela, artist Daniel Arzola is using his graphic posters to show his country that homophobia is something to take seriously.

Tags: ART, Daniel Arzola, Gay Rights, homophobia, I am not your joke, the WILD, Venezuela
ann hamilton the wild mag art

Lady Time: ADAA’s Art Show Brings Female Artists to the Forefront

by: Claire Voon

In conjunction with the Armory Show opening this week, The Art Show presented by ADAA will be showing some prominent and exciting works by female artists including Cindy Sherman, Martha Wilson, Diane Arbus and more.

Tags: Analia Saban, Ann Hamilton, Armory Week 2014, ART, Art Week 2014, Cindy Sherman, Claire Voon, Diane Arbus, Martha Wilson, Sara VanDerBeek, The Art Fair, The Wild Magazine
white film the wild artist of the week ben clotten

Artist Of The Week: Ben Clotten of White Film

by: Kate Messinger

White Film is bringing fresh aesthetics and a sharp eye to the art world, giving artists a much needed opportunity for high quality video production.

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the wild gallery spy

Gallery Spy: Calm Before The Storm

by: Kate Messinger

Stock up on wine and cheese, there's an art storm a-brewin'.

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coco young the wild interview

Literary Nudes: A Conversation with Coco Young

by: Hillary Sproul

Initiation, a film by Coco Young and Karley Sciortino, has us questioning the line between feminism and pornography.

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