interview the wild emmett moore design furniture

Emmett Moore: Functionality in design

by: Elena Lee Chiriboga

Emmett Moore is a Miami-based sculptor, furniture-maker and designer whose work bridges the gap between function and art object. A 2010 graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Moore has exhibited work in shows and […]

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Zaha Hadid interview WILD mag

Bolder Than Bold

by: Nick Cope

In an age when architects have become like so many rockstars and celebrities, one rises higher. Not only a dynamic figure and icon for aspiring architects the world over, Zaha Hadid has talent. Tremendous talent. […]

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houses architecture wild

10 WILD houses from around the world

by: The WILD

Many say a house is not a home without a family, but for some a house is not a home without odd angled walls, high concept floor plans, insane views and innovative design. These tend […]

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Le Corbusier at MOMA

Le Corbusier at MOMA

by: T.M. Brown

If we can measure a man by the volume of concrete poured in his name then Le Corbusier is a genuine colossus. The pseudonymous Swiss—he was born Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris in a town a few miles […]

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Tree Wood at Socrates Sculpture Park WILD

New York Design Week: tree wood at Socrates Sculpture Park

by: Abigail Doan

After a weekend of tromping around town, weaving in and out of galleries and showrooms – it is refreshing to discover a bit of folly in the urban landscape as a reminder that framing a […]

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Arcosanti WILD mag arts

RIP, Paolo Soleri, Visionary Arcologist

by: Abigail Doan

Paolo Soleri, visionary architect and creator of Arcosanti, the urban laboratory (utopian community to some) in the Arizona desert, passed away peacefully on April 9, 2013. This was on the same day that Frank Lloyd Wright died, […]

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architecture WILD mag

Park Here

by: Meghan Skornia

Parking garages are a fact of life, even in barely urban areas. This necessity is normally accommodated quickly and without much thought, resulting in uninspired, unhealthy, and often dangerous spaces. Historically, parking garages have been […]

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Oscar Niemeyer WILD mag arts

The Last of the Original Modernists

by: Meghan Skornia

Oscar Niemeyer stood as part of an elite group of architects that changed the physical landscape of cities worldwide forever. Niemeyer and his contemporaries, the likes of Mies Van Der Rohe and Le Corbusier, pushed […]

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The Delancey Underground

The Delancey Underground or: The LowLine

by: Blaine Skrainka

Of the endless amenities afforded to the burghal dwellers of New York City, green space is one that comes at a premium. Urban planners the world over are having to consider new paradigms of metropolitan […]

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Madar City

The Line in the Sand

by: James Platt-Hepworth

Abu Dhabi is looking towards the future. Situated in the crossroads of three major continents this small island capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is considered as one of the fastest growing in the […]

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