gretta johnson the wild animation

[WATCH] Gretta Johnson’s Psycho Sexual Illustrations Come to Life

by: Kate Messinger

Fall into a bizarro animated world of big butts and big dreams.

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Maiyet SS14

Reel Runway: Maiyet SS14

by: Ben Sharp

A roundup of the week's most alluring fashion shorts.

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Reel Runway: Beauty Lies in the Difference

by: Jenni Zellner

The week's most alluring fashion shorts.

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la opea the wild magic flute motzart

Mozart Gone Experimental: Backstage at the L.A. Opera

by: Kristina Bravo

Motzart's "The Magic Flute" has taken on a whole new look for the L.A. Opera.

Tags: 1927, animation, Barrie Kosky, Berlin, Brothers Grimm, Buster Keaton, charlie chaplin, David Lynch, Erika Miklosa, experimental theater, Kristina Bravo, LA Opera, Los Angeles, Mozart, opera, Paul Barritt, Suzanne Andrade, The Magic Flute
Sufjan Stevens by Marzuki Stevens


by: Diego Martínez

Recently, lots of acts are going animated to promote their latest singles. First it was Belle & Sebastian, the Scotland band who commanded Lesley Barnes to put some color and puppetry into Richard X’s remix […]

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