Reel Runway: Beauty Lies in the Difference

by: Jenni Zellner

The week's most alluring fashion shorts.

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la opea the wild magic flute motzart

Mozart Gone Experimental: Backstage at the L.A. Opera

by: Kristina Bravo

Motzart's "The Magic Flute" has taken on a whole new look for the L.A. Opera.

Tags: 1927, animation, Barrie Kosky, Berlin, Brothers Grimm, Buster Keaton, charlie chaplin, David Lynch, Erika Miklosa, experimental theater, Kristina Bravo, LA Opera, Los Angeles, Mozart, opera, Paul Barritt, Suzanne Andrade, The Magic Flute
James Blake Voyerurism WILD mag music

Voyeurism, The James Blake Way

by: Joseph Johnson

James Blake is back to his old chop and screw tactics with the track “Voyeur.” Reminiscent of songs from his CMYK EP, “Voyeur” features Blake’s distinctive vocals – harshly cut up and looped; progressive synth […]

Tags: 1-800 Dinosaur, animation, beats, black & white, electronic, graphics, James Blake, Joseph Johnson, music, Producer, record player, singer, The Wild Magazine, UK, UK Bass, video., Voyeur
Steve Cutts's Man

“Man”: Steve Cutts’s Dark Animation

by: Bianca Ozeri

London-based animator, Steve Cutts, explores a dark theme via a blithe medium in his short, Man. The monochromatic animation packs 500,000 years of our effects on the natural world into a three minute video both […]

Tags: animation, Bianca Ozeri, Environment, Man, Pollution, satire, Social Commentary, Steve Cutts, The Wild Magazine, video
Killer Mike WILD mag music

Getting Political With Killer Mike

by: Joseph Johnson

Hip-hop has been a divided genre for quite some time, but in the last few years there’s been a general shift away from deeper subjects, in favor of materialistic lyrics with some witty catchphrases thrown […]

Tags: animation, Bush, Clinton, conscience, conscious, Hip-Hop, Joseph Johnson, Killer Mike, music, Obama, political, Politics, presidents, Rap, Reagan, review, The Wild Magazine, video
Flying Lotus Putty Boy Strut WILD mag music

Putty Boy Strut

by: Joseph Johnson

After the release of the sublime short film, Until the Quiet Comes, a couple of weeks ago, Flying Lotus is back with another taster from his forthcoming album. This time it’s a more conventional audio/visual offering in the […]

Tags: animation, Brainfeeder, Cyriak, Electronica, Fly-Lo, Flying Lotus, Jazz, Joseph Johnson, music, Producer, The Wild Magazine, Thundercat, Until The Quiet Comes, video, Wall-E

Slowly Shaved Swimmer

by: Lucia Cabanova

The Dutch Filmmaker Bart Hess’ new short film titled ‘Shaved’ portrays a male model completely covered in shaving cream, which is then gradually taken off by a two meter long blade manipulated by two human shavers. […]

Tags: animation, Bart Hess, dutch, Film, Lady Gaga, London, Lucia Cabanova, Lucy McRae, Nick Night, Olympics, photography, Shaved
Major Lazer Get Free feat. Amber

Video of the Week – Major Lazer / Get Free

by: Blaine Skrainka

Downtempo introspection may not often come to mind when searching for descriptors for a Major Lazer single. On the other hand, you couldn’t possibly expect Diplo and Switch to rest on their laurels. The ever-evolving […]

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Now Dance


by: Diego Martínez

Music videos are meant to be artistic and fashionable; an eye-catchy illustration of what the director and the artist have in mind with a specific song. But every now and then a clip comes along […]

Tags: animation, Association of Norwegian Wind Energy, Babusjka, CGI, Diego Martinez, diskJokke, Magnus Engsfors, NORWEA, Now Dance, Smøla, Splendour, The Wild Magazine, Video of the Week
Kate Bush


by: Diego Martínez

If there’s an artist whose work is always awaited by a long-standing audience is Kate Bush. The beloved and always mysterious British chanteuse might have sacrificed most of her pop stardom in favor of a […]

Tags: 50 Words For Snow, animation, Eider Falls At Lake Tahoe, Fish People, Kate Bush, Robert Allsopp, Roger Pratt, shadow puppetry, The Wild Magazine, Video of the Week