Zimbabwe: With telescope in hand, Mander looks to the horizon for signs of poachers.

Damien Mander’s Aggressive Preservation

by: T.M. Brown

"Tens of thousands of animals are being killed every year. We need to do something now, on the ground, to stop the hemorrhaging.

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Visiting Wild Home with Filmmaker Jack Schurman

by: Hillary Sproul

We meet Emmy-winning filmmaker Jack Schurman about his new documentary Wild Home, exploring a wildlife sanctuary that has saved over 200 animals.

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Eraserhead WILD mag

4 Solid Reasons To Skip the Factory Farm Turkey and Go Vege (written by a pigskin-loving meat-eater)

by: Blaine Skrainka

"Do they ever think about their reluctance to think about it?"

Tags: animal rights, Animals, Blaine Skrainka, Carbon Footprint, Climate Change, diet, factory farming, food, Global Warming, Green, Humane Society, Meat, Thanksgiving, The Wild Magazine, vegan, vegetarian, world


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