Afghan woman pilot

Nilofer Rahmani is Afghanistan’s First Female Airplane Pilot

by: Cheyenne Tulsa

In a major triumph for women’s rights, Nilofer Rahmani, a young Afghani woman, has become the country’s first female pilot, for the Afghan Air Force.  Getting there hasn’t been easy. With less than one […]

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An Afghan man washes his horse in Kabul

Summer Splash

by: The WILD

Mohammad Ismail/Reuters An afghan man gives this horse a bucket wash under the warm summer sun.

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Women walk on a windy day outside Kabul


by: The WILD

Mohammad Ismail/Reuters Women in Kabul, Afghanistan continue to move forward despite blustering resistance.   See more Women of Kabul

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Afghanistan economy agriculture

Moving On

by: The WILD

Sayed Mustafa/European Pressphoto Agency An Afghan man carries wheat to his home near Mazar-e-Sharif. Despite a war-torn decade and rampant government corruption, the World Bank predicts sustained economic growth in Afghanistan going froward, largely on […]

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Somalia Pirates Tribeca Film Festival WILD Arts

The Project

by: Andrea Avidad

Somalia’s history thus far has been a virulent amalgamation of elements that completely impede any kind of possibility for progress in the nation’s construction of a basic level of human safety. Inheriting the consequences of […]

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Hanifa WILD mag arts

WILD Profile: Hanifa Alizada, From Afghanistan with Courage

by: Lorena Sander

Who: Hanifa Alizada Where she was born: Ghazni, Afghanistan Where she lives now: Kabul, Afghanistan What she does: Photographer at 3rd Eye Photojournalism Center and Lecturer, University of Kabul Art Department What she’s currently working […]

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Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams Exposed

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

For most, Bryan Adams will always be associated with the teenage angst and longing in his 1984 rock and roll classic, “Summer of ‘69.” Tilda Swinton in Zoo However, for over a decade, when not […]

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Krzysztof Wodiczko

Krzysztof Wodiczko’s Installation on Union Square’s Lincoln Effigy

by: Bianca Ozeri

Last night, just days after Obama’s victory, Krzysztof Wodiczko debuted his installation, Abraham Lincoln: War Veteran Projection. Renowned for his large-scale projections on architecture and monuments, Wodiczko has spent that last several months speaking with […]

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The Streets of Afghanistan WILD mag photography

The Streets of Afghanistan

by: Abigail Doan

Photo by: Di Zinno The Streets of Afghanistan project will blow your mind. Despite the naysaying that bridges and lasting relationships might not be possible with communities seemingly mired in conflict, this touring public works project highlights life-size […]

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National Geographic Photo Contest

A Cultural Lens: National Geographic’s Contest Winners

by: Stephanie Roush

  Travel photography has always struck me as one of the most interesting forms of photography.  It is often marked by a sense of wonder, awe or amazement. The best travel photos lend themselves to […]

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