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Berbers in the City SS14 WILD Fashion

Berbers in the City SS14 by Virzhiniya Toteva

by: Abigail Doan

'Berbers in the City' SS14 is meant to mirror the free, nomadic spirit of the desert lifestyle transported to a modern setting. It is colorful and wild but at the same time carries a dose of melancholy – the feeling of a lost identity within all of us.

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China Luxury Market WILD Fashion

The New Individualism: Fashion Luxury in China

by: Abigail Doan

2013 might have been the year when we thought that we had China and its booming luxury market pegged, but as further evidence that fashion thrives on flux, 2014 is expected to offer a new spin on the world's largest market for designer goods and must-have labels.

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The WILD Textile Terrain of 2013

by: Abigail Doan

The future of fashion may be dependent upon just how boldly you choose to render it.

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A Grinch Proof Gift Guide

by: Abigail Doan

Oh, snap. Not another gift guide.

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HighWaterLine: Visualizing Climate Change with Artist Eve Mosher

by: Abigail Doan

It Takes a 'Heavy Hitter' to Bring Climate Change Home

Tags: Abigail Doan, Climate Change, COP19, Eve Mosher, Global Warming, HighWaterLine Miami, sea level rise

WILD Fashion Outpost: Native Soil as The New Luxury

by: Abigail Doan

New Sustainable Perspectives from the Fashion Fringe

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Loza Maleombho SS14 WILD Fashion

Futuristic Traditionalism for Loza Maléombho Spring Summer 2014

by: Abigail Doan

Since our last review of the West African inspired designs of Loza Maléombho, this innovative designer has continued to stir up dust with her ability to fuse futuristic structures with traditional Côte d’Ivoire influences and […]

Tags: Abidjan, Abigail Doan, Akan tribes, Baoule tribe, Brazil, Cote d'Ivore, Fashion, Ghana, Loza Maléombho, New York, Spring/Summer 2014, SS14, The Wild Magazine, West Africa
Milena Silvano AW13 the wild fashion abigail doan

Raw Beauty by Milena Silvano for Autumn/Winter 2013/14

by: Abigail Doan

Fashion week season is very much a celebration of bold cosmopolitan attitudes, but organic methods also permeate the deepest expressions of modern style bred in the wild. Designer Milena Silvano genuinely understands the rapport that […]

Tags: Abigail Doan, AW13, ethical fabrics, ethical fashion, Fashion, Milena Silvano, raw beauty, the WILD
Titania Inglis SS14 WILD fashion

NYFW: Titania Inglis SS14 Tessellation Collection

by: Abigail Doan

3-D printing might be all the rage right now in terms of cutting edge fabrication advances, but designer Titania Inglis knows a solid thing or two about what makes fashion both sculpturally innovative as well […]

Tags: Abigail Doan, Fashion, NYFW, SS14, The Wild Magazine, Titania Inglis
Birkenstock WILD Fashion

HOUGHTON SS14 x Birkenstock Collaboration

by: Abigail Doan

Houghton‘s SS14 fresh-faced, ready-to-wear presentation at The Standard High Line Hotel fused luxury fabrics with heritage wisdom à la customized German footwear from Birkenstock. This unexpected fashion week collaboration melded Houghton designer Katharine Polk’s luxe […]

Tags: Abigail Doan, Arizona sandal, Birkenstock, Houghton, Katharine Polk, NYFW, Spring/Summer 2014, SS14, The Standard High Line Hotel, Zurich sandal