Jenny Lianos

Who: Jenny Lianos
Where she was born: S/W London
Where she lives now: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
What she does: Video editor at The WILD


Where she goes to be alone:
The bath or shower, away from all forms of communication.

Something that’s surprised her recently:
How quickly I’ve felt at home in Brooklyn and the kindness of strangers.

What she thinks there’s too much of and too little of:
Too much time spent on trains and phones, not enough sweet and salty popcorn.

What cracks her up:
The dry humour of Sean Lock.

Her earliest memory:
Being pushed around in a buggy, feeling pretty smug that my sister had to walk.


Heavy rotation presently in her headphones:
The Strokes – “Razorblade

With whom she would like to grow old:
A husky.

Jenny’s WILD Wish:
To be able to relive my favourite moments.

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