Jennie Neufeld

Who: Jennie Neufeld
Where she was born: Westchester, New York
Where she lives now: Lower East Side, Manhattan
What: Editorial Intern at The WILD, reader, writer, music snob, pop-culture junkie, idealist etc.

4-up on 6-4-15 at 11.40 PM #11

What she’s currently working on:
Promising to catch up on sleep, only to opt for another episode of Grace and Frankie and practice Macbook Photo Booth selfies circa 2008 (see above).

Whom she considers a style icon:
Iris Apfel (for my final form). Rihanna for just about everything else.

Heavy rotation recently in her headphones:
Lots of Gorillaz, also quite a bit of Dolly Parton… the Odd Jobs from 9 to 5 album… but if anyone asks it’s purely ironic.

Her favorite person in the world:
DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON. I’ve dedicated my Instagram to him. Also ironic (it’s not). Broad City‘s Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson tie for second. My best friend Raffy is my third (she put me up to this).

An epiphany she’s had:
Stop letting embarrassment hold you back— no one is thinking (or laughing) about you half as much as you think they are.

Something great she’s read:
Too many to count. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Lolita (stellar prose, creepy topic),  Pale FireBad Feminist, Leaves of Grass, and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)… Howl by Allen Ginsberg is probably my favorite.

Too much of, too little of:
Too much Despicable Me Minion advertising, too little appreciation—for people, places, life, earth and so on.

Jennie’s WILD Wish:
A new ending to Marley and Me. The tagline is no longer ‘the movie where the dog dies’. All is good in the world.

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