Grace Dietshe

Who: Grace Dietshe
Where she was born: Brooklyn, NY
Where she lives now: Medford, MA
What she does: Writing, rugby, and reinventing iced tea


Something great she’s read:
Hood by Emma Donoghue and Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway.

Her earliest memory:
Carrying a blueberry pie across white carpet when I was about two.

What good energy means to her:
Creating a positive headspace that radiates outward.

On her mind today:
How can I be more like Freddie Mercury?


She believes in:
The infallibility that there will always be someone, somewhere standing in the middle of the sidewalk, inconveniencing others. And the oxford comma.

The kind of movement she would like to start:
A queer steampunk renaissance.

Her style icon:
Kimber from Jem and the Holograms.

Grace’s WILD Wish:
Acceptance for all.

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