Katie Chow

Who: Katie Chow
Where she was born: San Francisco Bay Area
Where she lives now: NYC
What she does: Internet stuff.

Katie Chow WILD mag

What she’s currently working on:
Owning less but better things

What good energy means to her:
Staying positive

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
Too much mass production, too little care

With whom she would like most to go on a tête à tête:
Ezra Koenig, since I’ve already met Simon Amstell.

What she would you be doing if she didn’t have her current occupation:
Something responsible.

On her life-to-do list:
Spend more time in France.

What she would do if she were president:
Quit immediately

Her most striking moment:
Super cliché, but watching Flaming Lips play “Do You Realize?” while sitting on a stranger’s shoulders in a field.

Her earliest memory:
Going on the It’s A Small World ride at Disneyland.

What she considers a fashion faux-pas:
Oversized shirt collars.

What cracks her up:
“Arrested Development.”

The WILDEST situation she has ever experienced:
Walking alone in Paris after midnight.

She can’t live without:
Grilled cheese sandwiches.

With whom she would like to grow old:

What she’d like to leave to future generations:
Words they might remember.

Her next challenge:
Getting better at everything I do

Her hero:
Douglas Coupland.

Katie’s Wild Wish:
That the world becomes more intelligent.

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