Avinash Hirdaramani

Who: Avinash Hirdaramani
Where he was born: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Where he lives now: New York City
What he does: Graphic Designer/ Artist

MEHow he captures ideas:
I try to move away from the “tortured artist” aesthetic because that’s just not me. I try and take something that can be considered dark or trying and make it colorful, bright and sometimes with humor. In short, I capture ideas by interpreting them– photoshop doesn’t hurt either.

Style icon:
Daphne Guinness, she can do what most people wouldn’t dare to.


Heavy rotation presently in his headphones:
M.I.A “Swords,” Years & Years “Real,” K. Michelle “Hard to do,” Justine Skye “Collide,” Doja Cat “Nunchucks.”

If he were a color:
Tropical ocean blue. And yes, I just made that up.


His most recent artistic reference:
Nick Knight, all day.

What he believes in:
Hard work and good shoes.

Photo on 6-2-15 at 7.15 PM #2

What inspires him the most:
Self-reflection I find to be the most key in anything I do. Taking something for granted is the fastest way to hit a wall with your ideas. Also–music, because that often contributes to my mood and changes what I do drastically.

Where he sees himself in 5 years:
Done with school at Parsons, preferably on the right track to pursue Art direction and hopefully still contributing to The WILD.


Avinash’s WILD Wish:
My WILD Wish isn’t anything crazy or expensive, I just want to be successful doing what I love.

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