Anna Furman

Who: Anna Elise Furman
What she does: Writer / Metalsmith
Where you were born: Newport Beach, California
Where you live now: Brooklyn, New York

Anna Furman wild contributor wild magazine

What you’re currently working on:

Making molds of a bunch of my jewelry, and bringing to fruition a crazy earring plan that involves hoops, 2 chainz, and hunks of pyrite. Stay tuned.

What good energy means to you:

Ujjayi breathing

What you think there is too much of and too little of:

Too much bureacuracy, too little fun

With whom you’d like to go on a tete a tete:

Louise Bourgeois

What you’d be doing if you didn’t have your current occupation:

Exploring Chile.. rolling around Salar de Atacama (those beautiful salt plains), hiking Patagonia, generally living at a different pace and enjoying a natural, non-urban space for a while.

On your life to-do list:

Build my dream treedome. It’s semi-spherical, made of movable glass parts, and involves a massive fluffy bed in the middle. (A studio space expands out the side)

If you were president:

I would grant everyone and their undocumented mothers full health care coverage, then immediately rip down all barbed wire fences along the Mexico border, shut down every factory farm, pay all teachers 10x their current incomes, and force all landlords in San Francisco and New York to lower rent by 100%. Then I would probably freak out, cry a little bit, and roll around the lawn with my First Pup and sexy First Man.

What you consider a fashion faux pas:

A rude tude

What cracks you up:

@tunameltsmyheart Tuna is a little chihuahua with a big overbite, and an even bigger Instagram following (something like 11k people are currently following him, it’s insane), and I love him.

The WILDEST situation you’ve ever experienced:

I don’t know about ever, but recently I was helping on this editorial shoot upstate and we realized we left our steamer behind at a rest stop (!!!) We had one more look and it was WILDLY wrinkled. So I ran around this residential neighborhood knocking on doors, asking if anyone had an iron and/or steamer I could borrow really quick for a photo shoot. An elderly couple ended up letting me into their home (and super dark basement) and armed me with an iron, which I used to straighten out the million dollar Suno dress in my hands. I thought to myself: this would make the perfect plot for a fashion-murder-mystery movie.

What I can’t live without:


With whom would you like to grow old:

My soulmate, our kidlings, and a gaggle of my girlfriends.

What’s your WILD Wish:

To win a lifetime supply of Reese’s. And to be a synesthete, please.

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