Isaac Pérez Solano

Name: Isaac Pérez-Solano
Occupation: Journalist
Where you were born: Caracas, Venezuela
Where you live now: Caracas, Venezuela

Isaac Perez Solano Blogger Venezuela

What are you currently working on?
I’m a senior community manager. Kind of digging this social media twister.

What does good energy mean to you?
Love expressed in those things that you do.

What do you think there is too much of, and too little of?
Craving fame and not thinking about you can also be important behind the velvet rope no matter your career.

With whom would you like most to go on a “ tête à tête”?
Katie Grant – to take advantage and get a lot out of her.

What would you be doing if you didn’t have your current occupation?
Would be doing what I hate the most: complaining and probably working with my dad on sales.

What is on your life-to-do list?
Don’t missing the opportunity to bring happiness to those around me, feeling the actual sense of freedom and love.

What would you do if you were the president?
I’d probably remain in ruins, but I would start with a program of recovering green spaces. Then, a school program because I’m tired of mediocrity -the best way to really train future talent- and birth control program. All this is connected somehow to positively affect each other.

What is your most striking moment?
First time attending Paris Fashion Week: March, 2010.

What’s your earliest memory?
Spending my holidays at my aunt’s, dancing with my cousin Britney Spears’ choreographies. Shamefully glorious!

What do you consider a fashion “faux-pas”?
Thinking that labels can make you a person… or a stylish one which is worst!

What cracks you up?
My friends and family… they’re one big show.

What is the WILDEST situation you have ever experienced?
Skipping Stockholm to gain more time and go back to London, but that never happened and I ended up stuck in Barcelona for more than two weeks with only 50 euros. Luckily I was at a relative’s.

What can’t you live without?
Chocolate, music and stripes.

With whom would you like to grow old?
Probably with the love of my life or my love for that moment

What would you like to leave to future generation?
Do not settle, see beyond and think forward their limits.

What is your next challenge?
The opening of my very own boutique.

Who is your Hero?
My mom.

What is your WILD Wish?
Quitting my job, packing my belongings and see what happens.f=”” target=”_blank”>

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