Diana Cenat

Who: Diana Cenat
Where: New York City
What she does: Writer. Assistant preschool teacher. Dreamer.

Diana Cenat profile for The WILD magazine

What’s on her mind today:
Everything that shouldn’t be. I’ve been having hypothetical conversations with Shia LeBeouf all morning (I don’t care what they say about you, Even Stevens. Rock that unkempt, shaggy-haired, food-in-your-beard look. Haters gonna hate.), and found a random Gilmore Girls tumblr a few minutes ago. So, yeah, the day is pretty much a wash.

What she’s currently working on:
An article on Azealia Banks, among other things. I was resistant for a bit, but the girl’s got swag. She might just be our answer to the rapping lady dynamos of the 90’s, minus the male overlords. I’m down with it.

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
Way too much apathy, not enough empathy. And it seems to be getting worse, every day.

With whom she would like most to go on a “ tête à tête”:
Amy Goodman is amazing. Also, the Tomorrow Mag crew. We could talk lemons, lemonade, and inspiration.

What she would do if she were president:
Close Guantanamo. Find a way to handle this superPac travesty. Hire Anjali Appadurai. Keep Stewart and Colbert on speed dial, if only to make it easier for me to get called out on my bull. Make siestas happen. Do something about Syria. Anything. And remember that due process is something promised to all of us, Bradley Manning included.

What’s her earliest memory:
Preschool picture day. I remember being in love with my dusty pink skirt suit, while being utterly petrified of the cameraman. The suit won, the picture lives.

What she considers a fashion “faux-pas”:
Belted jeans worn under one’s bum. Call me Granny, but WHAT? I’ll never get over it. I watched a guy trip and fall over them once. I’d like to think the story ended with him sitting alone on his couch, icing his bruised knees, a “Eureka!” on his lips.

What cracks her up:
The MATES podcast, and anything Dan Amira has ever written on the NYMag site.

Who represents her artistic family:
Errr, um, let’s just say this family is huge, and I’m the youngest. Mos Def is my cool older brother. Feist, St. Vincent, Fiona and Regina are quadruplets, and dammit, who could ask for better siblings? Think of all the free shows! J.D. Salinger plays my reclusive uncle. Though he didn’t care to be bothered, he was nice enough to let me scour his home for unpublished Glass family stories… all before he decided to Disney vault everything for a hundred years. Simone de Beauvoir would be my great aunt, because the woman livedand I would love to hear those stories firsthand. There are so many more folks to include, but I digress.

What she would like to leave to future generations:
The ability to believe the hype only half of the time. So, discernment. Optimism. And some love.

Diana’s WILD Wish:
Earning enough money to pay off my parents’ mortgage. It probably doesn’t seem very grandiose, but picture this: I saunter into the bank. I lay the check down, slide it across Susie Bank Associate’s desk and mutter, “Listen, sucka ducka. It’s time to let my people go.” Ay? It’s perfect.


Email: diana@thewildmag.com

Blogs: Delphine Rose | Watch Us Pantomime

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