Claire Voon

Who: Claire Voon
Where she was born: Singapore, but I grew up in Washington, D.C.
Where she lives now: New York City
What she does: I’m a freelance writer, and I also study journalism, art history and anthropology at NYU.

Claire Voon The WILD Magazine

What she’s currently working on:
Staying sane.

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
Too much bleh, not enough ~funkiness.~

The first record she bought with her own money:
Frank Sinatra’s Cycles.

Heavy rotation:
Deerhunter, Explosions in the Sky, Tame Impala, Suuns, Gold Panda, Giraffage. This Czech band called Palermo.

Where she goes to be alone:
Art galleries or community gardens scattered around the city.

What’s on her mind today:
LOOK AT THIS THINGtumblr_n514h2R6K31sn75h6o1_500

With whom she would like most to go on a tête-à-tête:
Right now, either Nikola Tesla or Maurizio Cattelan.

What cracks her up:
Any headline with a good pun, tbh.

What kind of movement she would like to start:
A loud one.

Claire’s WILD Wish:
To have a photographic memory. And I wish I could play bass guitar.

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