Picture of the Day

Baby elephants in Kenya

Orphan Elephants

by: The WILD

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust takes in orphaned elephants to their Nairobi-based nursery, caring for the creatures until they are no longer milk-dependent around the age of four. “Any wild elephant group is, in essence, […]

Tags: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya, Michael Nichols, Nairobi, National geographic, Orphan Elephants, Picture of the day, The Wild Magazine
Beijing smog birds

Shadows & Smog

by: The WILD

A crane in the shadows of smog near the Forbidden City. As the city hit the “red-warning signal,” local Chinese officials have mandated heavy restrictions on cars and factories for the next three days.   […]

Tags: Beijing, China, Forbidden City, Picture of the day, Pollution, smog, The Wild Magazine
David Bowie WILD mag 70s

With One Eye Open

by: The WILD

David Bowie from 1974 on “Toppop,” the first weekly TV show featuring pop music on Dutch public broadcast television.

Tags: David Bowie, Holland, Picture of the day, The Wild Magazine, Toppop
APTOPIX Chicago Marathon Athletics

Out On The Town

by: The WILD

A blur of runners from the Chicago Marathon on Sunday. We hope they made it back for the show!     Photo by Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press

Tags: Chicago Marathon, Nam Y. Huh, Picture of the day, The Weeknd
John Lennon Superman WILD mag

Superman Don’t Need No Seat Belt

by: The WILD

John Lennon as the Man of Tomorrow, shot in 1965.   Images via Beatle Photo Blog

Tags: 60s, Beatles, John Lennon, Picture of the day, Superman
MJ & Oscar

MJ & Oscar

by: The WILD

A young Michael Jackson visits Oscar the Grouch on the set of Sesame Street in 1978. Photo via MJ Underground

Tags: 70s, Michael Jackson, Oscar the Grouch, Picture of the day, Sesame Street, The Wild Magazine
johnny cash eating cake bush

Johnny Cakes

by: Kate Messinger

Johnny Cash, eating cake, circa 1970. Everyone has a secret.Â

Tags: 1970s, Cake, johnny cash, Picture of the day
photo of the day - The WILD Magazine

Third Eye

by: The WILD

The largest of Mars’ moons, Phobos, traveled across the face of the sun on August 17th. Here, a sequence of the little guy’s freewheelin’ times was caught by the NASA Curiosity rover.

Tags: MARS, Photo of the Day, The Wild Magazine
Pakistan earthquake: Hundreds dead in Balochistan

Solace in a Sip

by: The WILD

A girl finds running water amidst the rubble following a magnitude 7.7 earthquake in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. Reports say that more than 300,000 people have been affected by Tuesday’s quake.   Read more […]

Tags: earthquake, Pakistan, Picture of the day, Shahzaib Akber, The Wild Magazine

Blurred Lines

by: The WILD

Portrait of a Grévy’s zebra at the Parc Zoologique et Botanique de Mulhouse in eastern France.   Sebastien Bozon/Agence France-Presse

Tags: France, Mulhouse, Picture of the day, Sebastien Bozon, zebra, zoo
The snow covered Stubaier Glacier mountains are seen during sunset in Innsbruck

Blood Orange

by: The WILD

Twilight over the Stubaier Glacier mountains near Innsbruck, Austria.   Dominic Ebenbichler/Reuters

Tags: Austria, Dominic Ebenbichler, Innsbruck, Picture of the day, Stubaier Glacier
Pure Light wild mag

Pure Light

by: The WILD

“Pure natural light is the source of inspiration as it also responsible for synchronizing body rhythms.”   Photo by David Mor

Tags: David Mor, Jerusalem, Jewich Quarter, Picture of the day, The Wild Magazine, West Bank

Shearing Winds

by: The WILD

Residents living near the Ravi River are caught in a developing storm outside of Lahore, Pakistan.   Arif Ali/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

Tags: Arif Ali, Lahore, Pakistan, Picture of the day, The Wild Magazine
Goodwood Revival 2013 Last Day

Speed Racer

by: The WILD

Drivers hit the pits at a Goodwood Revival motor-racing event in West Sussex, England.   See more here Stephen Simpson/London News Pictures/Zuma Press

Tags: Picture of the day, racing, sport, Stephen Simpson, The Wild Magazine, throwback, UK
Free Syrian Army WILD mag

A Moment of Peace

by: The WILD

A Free Syrian Army fighter takes cover to rest in Aleppo. Last night, Russian President Vladimir Putin published a Op-Ed in the New York Times calling the conflict in Syria “not a battle for democracy, […]

Tags: Aleppo, Free Syrian Army, FSA, Picture of the day, Syria, The Wild Magazine, Vladimir Putin, world

The Disappeared

by: The WILD

Thousands of demonstrators in the Chilean capital of Santiago lined their bodies to commemorate those that disappeared during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. Pinochet came to power 40 years ago today in a U.S.-backed military […]

Tags: Augusto Pinochet, Chile, Picture of the day, Salvador Allende, Santiago, The Wild Magazine
Zanzibar Red Colobus

Shaded Eyes

by: The WILD

Peering into the eyes of a Zanzibar red colobus monkey off the coast of Tanzania.   Photo by Gatria

Tags: Flickr, Gatria, monkeys, Picture of the day, red colobus, Tanzania, Zanzibar
dragon fly wild photos

Sun Dragon

by: The WILD

A dragon fly basks in the glow of the late summer shine.   Photo by Dragan Todorović

Tags: Dragan Todorović, dragon fly, Picture of the day, The Wild Magazine
Photo of Sami and reindeer on the snow-covered plateau.

Northern Exposure

by: The WILD

Foto av samer og reinsdyr pÃ¥ snødekt vidde. “Photo of Sami and reindeer on the snow-covered plateau.”   via

Tags: Picture of the day, reindeer, The Wild Magazine
APTOPIX Western Wildfire

The Path to Paradise Begins in Hell

by: The WILD

Inmate firefighters walk into a tunneling blaze down Highway 120 near Yosemite Park in California. The California Department of Corrections has over 1,500 prisoners on call for deployment to fight fires in the state. The […]

Tags: incarceration, Jae C Hong, Picture of the day, The Wild Magazine, wild fires
The Reckoning Nick Bilton

The Reckoning

by: The WILD

A 5.7 minute composite exposure of a lightning storm. Photo by Nick Bilton

Tags: lightening, Nick Bilton, photography, Picture of the day, The Wild Magazine
World News - Aug. 20, 2013

Little Giant

by: The WILD

A newborn giant panda cub naps at the the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan. The female cub, Yuan Zai, was born earlier this month to parents Yuan Yuan and Tuan Tuan.   read more here photo: […]

Tags: Animals, China, Picture of the day, Taipei Zoo, Taiwan, The Wild Magazine, Tuan Tuan, Yuan Yuan, Yuan Zai
AP10ThingsToSee Greece Weather

Sunset Drift

by: The WILD

Paddling into the sunset near the village of Toroni, northern Greece.   AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic

Tags: Darko Vojinovic, Greece, Picture of the day, The Wild Magazine, Toroni
APTOPIX India Independence Day

Free to the Winds

by: The WILD

AP Photo/Tsering Topgyal Kites are flown from rooftops across New Delhi as India celebrates its independence from British colonial rule, which  ended in 1947.   see more here

Tags: India, New Delhi, Picture of the day, The Wild Magazine, Tsering Topgyal
Rabaa's second massacre Mosa'aberising

Rabaa’s Second Massacre

by: The WILD

Yesterday saw Egypt’s worst episode of violence since the revolution began in 2011. The now military-controlled government sent security forces armed with bulldozers, tear gas, and live ammunition to break up pro-Morsi sit-in encampments. Muslim […]

Tags: Arab Awakening, Arab Spring, Egypt, Mosa'ab Elshamy, Muslim Brotherhood, Picture of the day, The Wild Magazine
World News - Aug. 13, 2013

Over the Dark Horizon

by: The WILD

Javed Dar/Xinhua/Zuma Press A man paddles home as the storm rolls in, Srinagar, India.

Tags: India, Javed Dar, photography, Picture of the day, Srinagar, The Wild Magazine
Trash oceans WILD world

Surf & Turf

by: The WILD

Surfing photographer Zak Nolye captures the complete spectrum of interconnectedness between man and ocean.   Read more about our trashed seas here, and donate to the Ocean Foundation

Tags: Environment, oceans, Picture of the day, Pollution, surfing, The Wild Magazine, world, Zak Noyle

Loosen Up

by: The WILD

Sanjay Kanojia/Agence France-Presse Elderly Indian wrestler Ram Gopal prepares for a match in celebration of Nag Panchami, a Hindu festival observed during monsoon season with prayers and tributes to snakes.   Read more here

Tags: India, Nag Panchami, Picture of the day, Ram Gopal, Sanjay Kanojia

Hang Tight

by: The WILD

(AFP Photo/Sanjay Kanojia) A young resident of Allahabad, India pulls off a dangerous stunt by hanging from a power line before diving into rushing flood waters.   Read more about the subcontinent’s seasonal monsoons and […]

Tags: Allahabad, India, Picture of the day, Sanjay Kanojia
An Afghan man washes his horse in Kabul

Summer Splash

by: The WILD

Mohammad Ismail/Reuters An afghan man gives this horse a bucket wash under the warm summer sun.

Tags: Afghanistan, kabul, Mohammad Ismail, Picture of the day, The Wild Magazine


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