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Sergio Cranshaw, Cutting And Pasting The Past

by: Kaelie Kelleher

Antique National Geographic Magazines turned modern art.

Tags: ART, collage, Kaelie Kelleher, Sergio Cranshaw, The Wild Magazine

Conceptual Gallery Project “awindow” comes to Hotel Particulier

by: Robert LiaBraaten

Take a peek inside Hotel Particulier's newest art installation where everything is for sale.

Tags: awindow, Hotel Particulier, Robert LiaBraaten, The Wild Magazine
Valentina Alvarado - Photo by - Linda Melendez

WILD Profile: Valentina Alvarado

by: Isaac Perez Solano

This Venezuelan's works on paper are anything but plain.

Tags: Isaac Perez Solano, the WILD, Valentina Alvarado, wild prodile
the watermill benefit photographs jose ginarte

WILD Nights: The Watermill Center Summer Benefit

by: The WILD

José Ginarte documents a night of performance and art at the Watermill Center.

Tags: Jose Ginarte, robert wilson, The Watermill Center, the watermill center summer benefit, the WILD, WILD Nights
the wild alexandra gavillet

Art Talks with Alexandra Gavillet

by: Michael Valinsky

New York based photographer explores the space between the physical photograph and it’s constant digital redefinitions.

Tags: Alexandra Gavillet, art talks, Glitché, photography, the WILD
Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 3.00.22 PM

Aubrey Roemer Paints 10% Of A Population

by: The WILD

From Montauk to Indonesia, artist Aubrey Roemer lets flags fly.

Tags: ART, Aubrey Roemer, The Wild Magazine
50 Shades Of Grey, The Wild Magazine

[Watch] The First Shade Of Grey

by: Kaelie Kelleher

"Mr. Grey will see you now."

Tags: 50 Shades of Grey, Kaelie Kelleher, The Wild Magazine, video.
thaniya brothel

Max Pincker Documents a Life In Between

by: Kaelie Kelleher

Photographs enticed by the clash between old and new, between love and the constraints placed on it.

Tags: ART, Kaelie Kelleher, Max Pinckers, photography, The Wild Magazine
the wild Johann Bouché-Pillon

Artist of the Week: Johann Bouché-Pillon

by: Kate Messinger

Parisian photographer Johann Bouché-Pillon gives us a flash behind the lens.

Tags: Artist of the week, Johann Bouché-Pillon, photography, the WILD

An Illustrated Guide to Computer Viruses

by: Claire Voon

Amsterdam-based artist Bas van de Poel has created The Computer Virus Catalog, "an illustrated guide to the worst viruses in computer history."

Tags: ART, Bas van de Poel, Claire Voon, computer virus, Computer Virus Catalog, tech, The Wild Mag, The Wild Magazine, virus
ana kras the wild

Art Talks with Ana Kraš

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Two new exhibitions reveal the Serbian artist's intricate past time.

Tags: Ana Kraš, Ed Varie, Mothers with Spoons, the WILD
Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.31.25 PM

Michael Wolf Gives Us Cities and Birds

by: Kaelie Kelleher

Michael Wolf is absorbed, and flipped off, by cities around the world.

Tags: ART, Kaelie Kelleher, Michael Wolf, photography, The Wild Magazine
Sam Friedman

Summer Mixer Shakes It Up

by: The WILD

Take a look inside Joshua Liner Gallery's group show, Summer Mixer, featuring works from Robert Larson, Sam Friedman and more.

Tags: Andrew Schoultz, Erin M. Riley, Guy Yanai, joshua liner gallery, Kristen Schiele, Michael Theodore, Robert Larson, Sam Friedman, summer mixer, the WILD
Czar Kristoff, The WILD Magazine

Fragments Of The Human Experience

by: Kaelie Kelleher

Photographer Czar Kristoff captures bodily form up close.

Tags: Czar Kristoff, Kaelie Kelleher, The Wild Magazine
Kimi Selfridge, The WILD Magazine

WILD Profile: Kimi Selfridge

by: Isaac Perez Solano

This analog film photographer, fashion stylist, and visual artist gets intimate.

Tags: ART, fashion stylist, Isaac Perez Solano, Kimi Selfridge, photography, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile
alex prager the wild film

[WATCH] Alex Prager’s Face In A Crowd

by: Kate Messinger

Nowness gives a sneak peak into the L.A. photographer and film maker's newest theatrically voyeuristic film.

Tags: alex prager, face in a crowd, Film, Nowness, the WILD
art southampton the wild art fairs

What to See at Art Southampton

by: The WILD

The art fair goes on vacation.

Tags: art fairs, art southampton, Best of, the WILD
marie beltrami the wild magazine

Pink Provocateur: An Interview with Marie Beltrami

by: Marine de la Morandière

From fashion designer to spoken word poet to burlesque dancer to perfumier and political activist, Marie Beltrami lives many lives.

Tags: Jean Paul Goude, Marie Beltrami, Marine de la Morandiere, The Wild Magazine, WTF Issue

The Best Of The Watermill Center Summer Benefit

by: The WILD

A collection as vibrant as the center itself.

Tags: Art Auction, Artsy, Daniel Arsham, Richard Barnes, robert wilson, Susan Meiselas, The Watermill Center
asger carlsen the wild photography

Body Morphing with Asger Carlsen

by: The WILD

Exploring the future body in bizarre photo manipulation.

Tags: ART, Asger Carlsen, body, mutant, photography, the WILD

Gryphon Rower-Upjohn Talks Family Matters for the Whitney’s New Exhibit

by: Kaelie Kelleher

The sounds you've never heard from Alexander Calder, as told from his great grandson.

Tags: Alexander Calder, ART, Artsy, Gryphon Rower-Upjohn, Kaelie Kelleher, music, the whitney museum, The Wild Magazine

Art Talks With Tyler Kandel

by: Kaelie Kelleher

"A monochromatic and cinematic world of composition and sensuality."

Tags: ART, interview, Kaelie Kelleher, photography, The Wild Magazine, Tyler Kandel
Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 11.13.31 AM

Stanislav Ginzburg Plays With Bugs

by: Kaelie Kelleher

What does the Northern Renaissance and insect morphology have in common? Stanislav Ginzburg's photos.

Tags: ART, Kaelie Kelleher, photography, Stanislav Ginzburg, The Wild Magazine
The Wild Magazine, Jimmy Kimmel

[WATCH]: Jimmy Kimmel’s “Chandelier”

by: Kaelie Kelleher

Jimmy Kimmel may be the star of his own show, but this time he's channeling his inner background dancer.

Tags: Chandelier, dance, Jimmy Kimmel, Kaelie Kelleher, Sia, The Wild Magazine, Watch

Matt Henry Stages American Culture, Abroad

by: Kaelie Kelleher

Go back to the future with photographer Matt Henry.

Tags: ART, Kaelie Kelleher, Matt Henry, photography, The Wild Magazine

WILD Profile: Jessica Zollman

by: Isaac Perez Solano

A San Francisco-based photographer calls the shots.

Tags: Isaac Perez Solano, Jessica Zollman, photography, the WILD, WILD Profile
bruce Raubenheimer the wild furniture

Artist of the Week: Bruce Raubenheimer

by: The WILD

The Brooklyn-based model and furniture designer talks shop.

Tags: Artist of the week, Bruce Raubenheimer, Furniture Design, the WILD

Tom Davie Bottles Processed Foods in a Shocking Way

by: Claire Voon

An artist makes the reality of processed food impossible to ignore.

Tags: ART, Bottled Series, Claire Voon, food, nutrition, photography, processed food, The Wild Magazine, Tom Davie
topless gallery the wild

Art Talks with Topless Gallery

by: The WILD

Brent Birnbaum and Jenni Crain are taking art on vacation with the new Topless gallery at Rockaway Beach.

Tags: Paul DeMuro, rockaway beach, the WILD, topless gallery
Hungry Castle, The Wild Magazine

Hungry Castle Keeps Making More Cool Shit

by: Kaelie Kelleher

Because who doesn't want to look at cool shit?

Tags: Arts, Cool Shit, Fashion, Hungry Castle, Kaelie Kelleher, The Wild Magazine


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