Erin’s Art Diary from FRIEZE London: DAY IV

by: The WILD

Go behind the scenes of London's biggest art fair with NYC gallery director Erin Goldberger.

Tags: art fair diary, Eddie Martinez, Erin Goldberger, Frieze Art Fair, FRIEZE London, the WILD
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Artist of the Week: Molly Matalon

by: Kate Messinger

Molly Matalon's vivid portraits of her friends and family show an intimacy that makes us feel like we've known these strangers in a past life.

Tags: family, Kate Messinger, Molly Matalon, photography, portraits, the WILD

Photographer’s Spotlight: Neil Aline

by: Hillary Sproul

Photographer Neil Aline's voyeuristic eye is sharp and alert in his stunning film photography.

Tags: 35mm, ART, Hillary Sproul, le bain, neil aline, New York, New York City, nightclubs, Nightlife, photographers, photography

A Week In Art Parties

by: The WILD

Take a look into some WILD nights in this week's art scene.

Tags: Faena Arts Center, Janes addiction, Kehinde Wiley, Lady Bunny, paties, Perry Farrel, Taking back the streets, the WILD, WAT-AHHT!
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Erin’s Art Diary from FRIEZE London: Day III

by: The WILD

Go behind the scenes of London's biggest art fair with NYC gallery director Erin Goldberger.

Tags: art fair, art fair diary, Eddie Martinez, Frieze Art Fair, FRIEZE London, Half Gallery, the WILD

An Interview with FILM FATALES Founder Leah Meyerhoff

by: The WILD

The WILD sits down with director Leah Meyerhoff to discuss female filmmakers and the Film Fatales.

Tags: Brooklyn, erica anderson, female directors, Feminism, Film, film fatales, Hillary Sproul, leah meyerhoff, NYC, remy maelen, seedandspark
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11 Things to See at FRIEZE London

by: Kate Messinger

The FRIEZE art fair in London is back, and we've the works you just can't miss.

Tags: 2014, ART, art fair, Best of, Frieze Art Fair, FRIEZE London, London

Erin’s Art Diary from FRIEZE London: DAY II

by: The WILD

Go behind the scenes of London's biggest art fair with NYC gallery director Erin Goldberger.

Tags: art fair diary, Erin Goldberger, Frieze Art Fair, FRIEZE London, Half Gallery, the WILD

A Visual Interview with Betina Bethlem

by: Michael Valinsky

Betina Bethlem gets intimate with her collaging exclusively for the WILD.

Tags: Betina Bethlem, collage, Michael Valinsky, Visual Interview
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Sylvia Jeffriess Follows Her Abstract Humor

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Australian artist Sylvia Jeffriess isn't afraid to bring humor and color into practice.

Tags: Painting, Sylvia Jeffriess, the WILD, WILD Profile

Great Expectations with Harry Lloyd

by: Hillary Sproul

Actor Harry Lloyd, who hooked us with his brief role as the evil Viserys Targaryen on GOT, delves into a new life as the star of the series Manhattan . He shares all for the ANIMAL issue.

Tags: Animal Issue, Arved Colvin-Smith, Harry Lloyd, Hillary Sproul, Manhattan, the WILD
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Erin’s Art Diary from FRIEZE London: DAY I

by: The WILD

Go behind the scenes of London's biggest art fair with NYC gallery director Erin Goldberger.

Tags: art fair diary, Erin Goldberger, Frieze Art Fair, FRIEZE London, Half Gallery, the WILD
Karen Lee 01 copy

Art Talks with Karen Lee

by: Kate Messinger

Brooklyn artist Karen Lee plays with light, shadows and gut feelings.

Tags: art talks, karen lee, Sculpture, the WILD
truth and consequences

Thomas Chéné’s Almighty Aloneness

by: Kate Messinger

Parisian photographer Thomas Chéné captures people and places in epic solitude.

Tags: Artist, photographer, photography, the WILD, Thomas Chéné
Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.48.41 AM

Riding in Cars With Ed Ruscha

by: Kate Messinger

NOWNESS and director Matthew Donaldson take us on a ride through LA with iconic American artist Ed Ruscha.

Tags: Ed Ruscha, Film, Nowness, the WILD
Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.36.43 AM

Ryan Lowry Shows Impulse and Intrigue in Two Years

by: Kate Messinger

Chicago based photographer Ryan Lowry talks intensity, infatuation and intrigue behind his new photo book, Two Years.

Tags: Animal Issue, Kate Messinger, photography, Ryan Lowry, the WILD, Two Years
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WATCH Futura 2000 Prepare For His Solo Show in Russia

by: The WILD

Graffiti legend Futura 2000 is back with his first solo show in Moscow.

Tags: futura, Futura 2000, grafitti, Moscow, Russia, the WILD, Timewarp
Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 4.02.24 PM

Warhol’s Polaroids Up for Auction at Christie’s

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

Today at noon a lot of Andy Warhol's drawings, prints, and polaroids starring fashion's best and brightest from
the 70s and 80s went up for auction at Christie's.

Tags: Andre Leon Talley, Andy Warhol, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, auction, Christie's, Emily Kirkpatrick, Fashion, Grace Jones, Halston, interview, Jean Paul Gaultier, polaroids, The Wild Magazine, Valentino
Angela Gram, Three

Exhibit Exposes the Artists Behind the Artists

by: Kate Messinger

We speak with Trek Lexington, curator of "Behind The Curtain," a show highlighting the assistants of some of contemporary arts biggest artists.

Tags: art assistants, Behind the Curtain, Interviews, Mark Miller Gallery, the WILD, Trek Lexington
Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 2.21.43 PM

Growing Up with Boyhood‘s Lorelei Linklater

by: The WILD

Lorelei Linklater of the hit movie Boyhood which was filmed over 12 years, talks about what it was like working with her director dad and how she has been influenced by her character (and vice versa).

Tags: actress, Boyhood, Film, Interviews, Lorelei Linklater, the WILD

A Rare Screening of Work by Gerry Schum at Electronic Arts Intermix

by: Michael Valinsky

A collection of rare films at EAI introduce the television as a space of exhibition.

Tags: Electronic Arts Intermix, Film, Gerry Schum, Identification, Land Art, Media art, Michael Valinsky, Robyn Farrell

CHRISHABANA’s Theatrical Winter
Ad Campaign Features NYC Artists

by: Nicole Zane

CHRISHABANA's fantastical winter campaign
compiles three new decadent collections.

Tags: Campaign, Caravaggio, CHRISHABANA, Dia Dear, Jewelry, LadyFag, lookbook, Love Bailey Desi Santiago, New York City, the WILD, The Wild Magazine, winter
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UR New York Celebrates Life and The Urban Experience

by: The WILD

Former street artists Mike Baca (aka 2ESAE) and Fernando Romero (aka SKI), hosted Product of UR Environment,
an art show where street meets gallery.

Tags: art review, grafitti, pop international gallery, product of UR environment, the WILD
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.11.56 PM

Louis Canadas’ French Touch

by: Michael Valinsky

Louis Canadas establishes a scene where the subject becomes the viewer.

Tags: Louis Canadas, Michael Valinsky, photography, Setting
Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.40.53 PM

Hratch Arbach x Cire Trudon

by: Kaelie Kelleher

A hauntingly symbolic presentation by Hratch Arbach in Paris.

Tags: Cire Trudon, Francis Kurkdjian, Kaelie Kelleher, La Nuit Blanche, Paris, The Wild Magazine

Terra Firma, Gabríela Friðriksdóttir
Speaks about Art and Earth

by: Ella Riley-Adams

The Icelandic artist traverses disciplines and materials, crafting music videos (with Bjork), installations (with exploding hay) and sculptures inspired by the materials of the earth.

Tags: ANIMAL Isuue, Arts, Björk, Ella Riley Adams, Gabriela Friðriksdóttir, Iceland, Sculpture, the WILD

Readings from the Oblique Archive

by: Michael Valinsky

Francesca Capone and Rachel Valinsky invite 10 readers to give legibility a chance.

Tags: Abraham Adams, Charity Coleman, Erica Baum, Francesca Capone, Ian Hatcher, Illegible, Juan Antonio Olivares, Kit Schluter, Lucy Ives, Matt Longabucco, Michael Valinsky, Peninsula Art Space, Poetry, Rachel Valinsky, Sarah Gerard, Trisha Low, Visual Arts

Alice Lancaster’s Silent Comedy

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Painter Alice Lancaster is all about the laughs.

Tags: Alice Lancaster, ART, painter, WILD Profile
Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 12.55.47 PM

A Still Portraiture by Molly Matalon

by: Michael Valinsky

Photographer Molly Matalon captures those stale memories, like out of an old yearbook.

Tags: Michael Valinsky, Molly Matalon, photography, portrait, Still life

Onscreen Attraction with Actor/Director Mathieu Amalric

by: Hillary Sproul

An interview with Actor/Director Mathieu Amalric on his latest film, The Blue Room and the laws of attraction.

Tags: art noir, Film, french film, Hillary Sproul, mathieu amalric, nyff, stephanie cleau, the blue room


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