A Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

by: Meryl Fontek

A Holiday Gift Guide for the unconventional and
procrastination prone gift giver.

Tags: holiday gift guide, the WILD
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Fan Art Illustrations by Cédric Rivrain

by: The WILD

Parisian fashion illustrator Cedric Rivrain gives us star struck drawings for the RADIANT Issue.

Tags: Cédric Rivrain, fan art, illustrations, Radiant Issue, the WILD

Sandra Winther Gets Visual with Opening Ceremony

by: Kate Messinger

Artist Sandra Winther talks inspiration, mixed media, and sneakers.

Tags: Artist, Sandra Winther, the WILD, video art

Hollywood Rose

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

Our RADIANT cover star, Emma Roberts, opens up about becoming a woman on and off camera and shows us her sweet side exclusively wearing LAVIN.

Tags: actress, American Horror Story, Emily Kirkpatrick, Emma Roberts, Palo Alto, Radiant, Radiant Issue, the WILD, The Wild Magazine

Good Energy with Radiant Reveries

by: Kate Messinger

Adam Erick Wallace, Karolina Anna Wallace, and Erin Victoria Axtell of the band Radiant Reveries delve deep.

Tags: Adam Erick Wallace, Erin Victoria Axtell, Karolina Anna Wallace, radiant reveries, the WILD, WILD Profile

Talking Texture in Beatrice Adler-Boltons Studio

by: Kate Messinger

Painter Beatrice Adler-Bolton talks dime-bag inspiration and being a female painter without all the gender talk.

Tags: Beatrice Adler-Bolton, painter, the WILD, WILD Profile

Yashua Klos Puts Personality in Portrtiture

by: The WILD

Like a broken statue put back together, Yashua Kloss delicate and tactile illustrations refresh the human form.

Tags: ART, Azza Satti, the WILD, Yashua Klos
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Up For Air: Deep Talks with Joel Edgerton

by: Kate Messinger

Despite starring in the cult classic Kinky Boots to playing Ramses in Ridley Scott’s upcoming blockbuster Exodus: Gods and Kings, actor Joel Edgerton is surprisingly down to earth.

Tags: actor, alexei hay, Exodus: Gods and Kings, Joel Edgerton, Julian Jesus, Kate Messinger, Radiant, Radiant Issue, the WILD, The Wild Magazine

Chyrum Lambert’s ‘Replicas’

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Chyrum Lambert talks the honesty of image for his ‘Replicas’ exhibit with work that has been cut with a blade, reformed and shaped into a new form.

Tags: Chyrum Lambert, the WILD, WILD Profile
julio-torres-5627-7 (1)

Julio Torres, The funniest Space Prince in the Galaxy

by: Kate Messinger

Comedian Julio Torres makes a mockery of the art world, one intern at a time.

Tags: arsnova, Comedian, John Early, julio torres, the WILD, WILD Profile
Eric T. White

Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Politics of Listening at Armory Focus

by: Michael Valinsky

Get in touch with Lawrence Abu Hamdan, the commissioned artist for Armory Focus 2015.

Tags: Armory Focus, Armory Week, interview, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Listening, Michael Valinsky, Noah Horowitz, Omar Kholeif, Politics, The Armory Show

Jeremy Sorese is Racing to Perfect Happiness

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Illustrator Jeremy Sorese draws reality with grain of colorful salt.

Tags: Isaac Perez Solano, Jeremy Sorese, WILD Profile

Madison Bell Turns Up The Color

by: Kate Messinger

Artist and hairstylist at KennaLand, Madison Bell, shows us how to turn up the color.

Tags: ART, Fashion, Hair, interview, Kate Messinger, KennaLand, Madison Bell, the WILD

Photo Diary: Best of NADA

by: Kate Messinger

Take a look outside of the gallery box with new and exciting work from emerging galleries at the New Art Dealers Association Art Fair.

Tags: Art Basel Miami 2014, art fair, Kate Messinger, NADA, the WILD

Photo Diary: Best of PULSE

by: Kate Messinger

Ten years, new location, new director: PULSE Contemporary Art Fair is making all the right moves upping the game in a great way.

Tags: art fairs, Best of, Helen Toomer, Kate Messinger, miami beach, pulse contemporary art fair, the WILD, WILD for PULSE
Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 1.10.02 AM


by: Michael Valinsky

Get inside the head of Helen Toomer, the new Director of PULSE Contemporary Art Fair in our WILD for PULSE video series!

Tags: Helen Toomer, Miami Art Basel, Michael Valinsky, pulse contemporary art fair, WILD for PULSE

Photo Diary: The Best Of Art Basel

by: Kate Messinger

We're back at art camp and we've got the best pieces from the main fair to write home about.

Tags: ART, Art Basel Miami 2014, Art Basel Miami Beach, art fairs, Best of, Kate Messinger, the WILD

Tomory Dodge’s New Solo Show

by: Peyton Freiman

From the hazy indigo of the ocean, to the hot pink sunset over Santa Monica, Tomory Dodge seems to be pushing himself to use just about every color available all at once.

Tags: CRG Gallery, Peyton Freiman, Tomory Dodge

An Experiment in Mixology with Roxana Azar

by: Kate Messinger

Roxana Azar tells us about her adventures with cocktails and her new exhibit, Post Cocktail, at TGIF Gallery.

Tags: Cocktails, interview, Kate Messinger, Mixology, Roxana Azar

Photo Diary: Best of Design Miami

by: Kate Messinger

Kicking off the fair madness, Design Miami is bringing us bigger, shiner and weirder furniture and design objects than ever before.

Tags: Art Basel Miami 2014, art fairs, Design, Design Miami, Miami, the WILD

The Metropolis of Color Noise

by: The WILD

Camilo Fuentealba captures a textured world of color.

Tags: Arts, Camilo Fuentealba, New York City, NYC, photography, street photography, The Wild Magazine

Katie Fischer Deconstructs the Female “Selfie”

by: Kate Messinger

Inspired by social media in a fine art context, artist Katie Fischer is bringing Miami a collection of photographs that analyze the Selfie phenomenon, all for a great cause

Tags: Art Basel Miami, Katie Fischer, the WILD, women in art: creative royalty

5 Must Sees at Art Basel Miami Beach

by: Kate Messinger

Art Basel Miami Beach is back again and we've got your inside look into all the best pop ups, art parties and special events on the beach.

Tags: ART, Art Basel Miami Beach, art fairs, miami beach, pop ups, the WILD

All About Image with David Brandon Geeting

by: Kate Messinger

We take a look into the high-flash surrealist mashups of photographer David Brandon Geeting.

Tags: Corey Archangel, David Brandon Geeting, Kate Messinger, photography, the WILD
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WILD for PULSE: Maya Hayuk Shows True Colors in Her Studio

by: Kate Messinger

In our intimate video series with PULSE Contemporary Art Fair we talk color vibrations with Maya Hayuk in her radiant Williamsburg studio.

Tags: Kate Messinger, maya hayuk, Painting, pulse contemporary art fair, the WILD, WIld, WILD for PULSE
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Arianna Arteaga Quintero’s 10 Commandments of Eco Travel

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Travel journalist Arianna Arteaga Quintero shows us how to travel.

Tags: Arianna Arteaga Quintero, Isaac Perez Solano, WILD Profile
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Perceptions and Projections,
the Photography of John Kilar

by: Blaine Skrainka

Meet nomadic point-and-shooter, John Kilar.

Tags: Arts, ASAP Rocky, Blaine Skrainka, Interviews, photography, Riff Raff, Snoop dogg, The Wild Magazine, WILD PROFILES
Full look: Krasmira Ivanova-Stoyneva Collaged over: Jacket: Magdalena Izabella Dudarska

Photographer Shae DeTar Clashes Image and Color

by: The WILD

Artist and photographer Shae DeTar uses collage and color mashups in her kaleidoscopic editorial.

Tags: Amanda Lee Shirreffs, Editorial, photography, Shae DeTar, the WILD
Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 11.37.45 AM

Tamara Gonzales Paints in Lace

by: The WILD

Tamara Gonzales’ solo exhibition at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery delves into the gothic, using lace as a painting material.

Tags: ART, Kari Adelaide Razdow, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, lace, Tamara Gonzales, the WILD
Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 1.21.30 PM

Talking it out with Broad City’s Arturo Castro

by: Kate Messinger

Known for his hilarious role as Jaime on Broad City, Arturo Castro brings a humor and kindness on and off the screen.

Tags: 2040, Arturo Castro, Broad City, Kate Messinger, Livia Coulias Blanc, the WILD


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