Badass Motorcycle Girl Throws Trash Back at Litterers

by: Robert LiaBraaten

If you throw trash on the street, you will be punished.

Tags: Litter, Moscow, Robert LiaBraaten, Russia, The Wild Magazine
Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 7.25.30 AM

Jessica Mitrani on Feminism & Identity

by: Kaelie Kelleher

"A multimedia adventure that explores and explodes feminine archetypes and stereotypes."

Tags: Future Feminism, Hermes Foundation, Jessica Mitrani, Kaelie Kelleher, New York City, The Hole NYC, The Traveling Lady, The Wild Magazine


by: Michael Valinsky

Artist Andisheh Avini uses his heritage to consider ideas on memory and imagery.

Tags: Andisheh Avini, Marianne Boesky Gallery, Michael Valinsky, Visual Interview

Art Talks with Matthew Mahler

by: The WILD

Painter Matthew Mahler explores his abstract side.

Tags: art talks, Bestiary Benefit Auction, Matthew Mahler, Painting

Daniel Palillo Gives Artistic
Inspiration a Literal Turn

by: Robert LiaBraaten

Finnish designer Daniel Palillo takes
art-based inspiration to a new level.

Tags: ART, Daniel Palillo, Fashion, Robert LiaBraaten, Spring/Summer 2015, SS15, The HOLE, The Wild Magazine
Untitled (Brown Hair Red Hair) 2009

Olivia Bee Chases Teenage Dreams In Her Dreamy Photography

by: The WILD

Photographer Olivia Bee captures the teenage experience.

Tags: Jane Claire Hervey, Olivia Bee, photography
Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.49.47 AM

Christopher Rahn’s Twisted Humor

by: Taylor Murphy

Christopher Rahn uses collage to explore the dark sides of his brain.

Tags: Christopher Rahn, collage, Taylor Murphy, WILD Profile
Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 2.12.46 PM

Corey Olsen’s Look On Still Life

by: Michael Valinsky

New York based photographer Corey Olsen sees the world in the stories of objects.

Tags: Corey Olsen, Michael Valinsky, photography, WILD Profile

Magnificent Man, An Interview with Zachary Quinto

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

ANIMAL issue cover star Zachary Quinto of Star Trek takes a confident yet laissez-faire stance in the face of an increasingly chaotic future.

Tags: Animal Issue, Emily Kirkpatrick, Heroes, Star Trek, Tetsu Kubota, the WILD, Zachary Quinto

Nils Karsten, A Modern Surrealist

by: Michael Valinsky

A look behind the super surreal cut-outs of German collage artist Nils Karsten.

Tags: Churner and Churner Gallery, Michael Valinsky, Nils Karsten, WILD Profile

Art Talks with Harif Guzman

by: The WILD

Grafitti artist of the down town scene shares all.

Tags: art talks, Bestiary Benefit Auction, Harif Guzman, street art

A Portrait of Painter Kehinde Wiley On Film

by: The WILD

An intimate new documentary from PBS reveals the work and life of painter, and our COLORs issue interviewee, Kehinde Wiley.

Tags: art documentary, Colors Issue, Kehinde Wiley, PBS, the WILD
Yves Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane, The Wild Magazine

Hedi Slimane presents Yves Saint Laurent

by: Kaelie Kelleher

The story of Yves Saint Laurent in portraits, video and music.

Tags: Fashion, Hedi Slimane, Kaelie Kelleher, La Fondation Pierre Bergé, music, Paris, The Wild Magazine, Yves Saint Laurent

Art Talks with Zev Rector and Jay Miriam

by: The WILD

Painting duo Jay and Zev talk about their collaborative works and their outside influences.

Tags: art talks, Bestiary Benefit Auction, Jay Miriam, Painting, the WILD, Youth Issue, Zev Rector
The Hourglass Sanatorium. (Sanatorium pod klepsydrą). Pencil drawings, collage, paper mounted on wood. 2 panels 48- x 36- each

Art Talks with Mikhail Gubin

by: The WILD

Sculptor Mikhail Gubin lets shapes lead him to form.

Tags: art talks, Bestiary Benefit Auction, Mikhail Gubin, Sculpture

Rob Pruitt Explores His Psychosis in Multiple Personalities

by: Kate Messinger

American artist Rob Pruitt talks about the cats, Ikea loveseats, and therapy sessions that inspired his latest exhibition at Gavin Brown Enterprises.

Tags: Gavin Brown, interview, Kate Messinger, multiple personalities, Rob Pruitt, The Wild Magazine

Art Talks with Sarah Bereza

by: The WILD

Take a glance into painter/sculptor Sarah Bereza's naturalistic world

Tags: art talks, Bestiary Benefit Auction, Painting, Sarah Bereza
Nares Install 01

James Nares’ High Speed Drawings at Paul Kasmin Gallery

by: Michael Valinsky

Paul Kasmin Gallery shows paintings that are at the mercy of the machine.

Tags: James Nares, Mechanics, Michael Valinsky, Painting, Paul Kasmin Gallery
tampon run

We’re Playing This Hilarious Tampon Video Game

by: Robert LiaBraaten

Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser of Girls Who Code have created an addicting game that kills the stigma around periods with every tampon you shoot!

Tags: Andrea Gonzales, Girls Who Code, Robert LiaBraaten, Sophie Houser, Tampon Run, tampons, The Wild Magazine

Art Talks with Sulamit Elizondo

by: The WILD

Mexican born painter Sulamit Elizondo brings ethereal softness to her realist portraiture.

Tags: art talks, Bestiary Benefit Auction, Nenùfares, Sulamit Elizondo
Albert by Jordi Labanda

Filmmaker Albert Moya Makes Life Less Boring With Stories

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Between working on a film for Dries Van Noten and his own personal project, Spanish filmmaker Albert Moya finds time for stories.

Tags: Albert Moya, Film, Issac Perez Solano, The Wild Magazine, WILD Profile
Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 1.23.42 PM

Gallery Spy: Why So Serious?

by: Kate Messinger

No one likes emotion in the gallery, but these 5 shows might actually tickle an eyebrow raise out of your oh-so-serious robot face.

Tags: Dan Colon, future feminist, Gallery Spy, Kate Messinger, Rob Pruitt, The HOLE, the WILD, Wayne White
Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 1.24.43 PM

Photographer’s Spotlight: Michael Leviton

by: Hillary Sproul

Brooklyn-based writer/musician Michael Leviton's character-driven portraits are catching attention.

Tags: 35mm, artists, Brooklyn, michael leviton, musicians, New York, NYC, photographer, photography, portraits, writers

Art Talks with Jacob Hicks

by: The WILD

I look to nature and multicultural forms of religion, magic, and art history for inspiration.

Tags: art talks, Bestiary Benefit Auction, Jacob Hicks

WHIT SS15 x Cointreau Project Gallery Presentation

by: Nicole Zane

WHIT's Spring/Summer collection is both youthful and sophisticated

Tags: ART, Cointreau, Fashion, NYFW, Spring, Summer, WHIT, Whitney Pozgay

Un, Deux, Trois: A Performance by Cecilia Corrigan and Cammisa Buerhaus

by: Michael Valinsky

An educated look into the art world.

Tags: Camissa Buerhaus, Cecilia Corrigan, Corina Copp, Graham Corrigan, Home Alone 2 Gallery, performance, Rachel Valinsky, Un Deux Trois

Gareth Pugh Invaded NYFW with an Avant Garde Dance Show

by: Nicole Zane

Gareth Pugh debuted his S/S 15 collection with a ground-breaking experience in lower Manhattan.

Tags: avant garde, Gareth Pugh, Lexus, NYFW, performance, the WILD, The Wild Magazine
Arts Talks

Art Talks with Fanny Allié

by: The WILD

Parisian artist Fanny Allié molds the human form out of unexpected mediums.

Tags: art talks, Bestiary Benefit Auction, Fanny Allié

Artist of the Week: Aaron Johnson

by: Kate Messinger

Brooklyn artist Aaron Johnson imagines grotesque beauty with dirty socks and monstrous creatures.

Tags: Aaron Johnson, Artist of the week, sock art, the WILD

Art Talks with Yoshihide Sodeoka

by: Claire Voon

We speak to Yoshihide Sodeoka about his mind-bending videos, GIFs, and prints that melt reality.

Tags: ART, Claire Voon, The Wild Magazine, Undervolt & Co, video art, Yoshihide Sodeoka


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