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Bloggers of the Week: Small & Tall

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Parisian fashion bloggers Amanda and Marco on personal style, inspiration and love.

Tags: Amanda, Bureau Cecile Togni, Marco, Paris, Small & Tall

Hear Mannequins on 7th Street’s Debut Superblue EP

by: Jarri Van der Haegen

Dive into the deep, a layered ocean of charming sound waves that bring London pop up to space.

Tags: Disco Naivete, Jarri Van der Haegen, Mannequins on 7th Street, music, pop, The Wild Magazine
Cobalt Cranes

Cobalt Cranes Lay Flowers On Your Grave

by: Katie Chow

If you need to get away from a dreary day, look no further than Cobalt Cranes' new video for "Flowers On Your Grave."

Tags: Cobalt Cranes, Katie Chow, music, music videos, premiere, The Wild Magazine
CL Chaelin Lee WILD magazine fashion editorial

CL: Rising in the East

by: The WILD

CL: "Timid and obedient—I’m the complete opposite of that."

Tags: 2NE1, Chaelin Lee, CL, Editorials, Fashion, Interviews, Jerome Ison, Julian Jesus, K-Pop, music, Radiant, Scooter Braun, South Korea, Stevie Mada, The Wild Magazine

Sandra Winther Gets Visual with Opening Ceremony

by: Kate Messinger

Artist Sandra Winther talks inspiration, mixed media, and sneakers.

Tags: Artist, Sandra Winther, the WILD, video art

Bright Young Thing

by: The WILD

Frida Aasen gets bright and cozy for the holidays
in our RADIANT editorial.

Tags: Armen Djerrahian, Editorials, Fashion, Frida Aasen, lia hallie, Radiant, The Wild Magazine
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Morning Mix

by: Blaine Skrainka

Break the fall with Kindness, Robyn, Odesza,
and Shlohmo in the mix.

Tags: Amen Dunes, Blaine Skrainka, Blue Hawaii, Doss, downtempo, drizzy koby, Elderbrook, hayden james, Jam City, Joakim, Kindness, Lydia Ainsworth, montgomery, Morning Mix, music, ODESZA, playlists, Remix, Robyn, Sia, The Wild Magazine

Hollywood Rose

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

Our RADIANT cover star, Emma Roberts, opens up about becoming a woman on and off camera and shows us her sweet side exclusively wearing LAVIN.

Tags: actress, American Horror Story, Emily Kirkpatrick, Emma Roberts, Palo Alto, Radiant, Radiant Issue, the WILD, The Wild Magazine

Weekend Mixup

by: Blaine Skrainka

Turn up the volume on the weekend with new kicks from and Hayden James, Kaytranada, Caribou.

Tags: Blaine Skrainka, Caribou, dance, Disclosure, hayden james, honne, Justin Timberlake, Kindness, Marina And The Diamonds, Mr Little Jeans, music, playlists, Ta-Ku, The Juan Maclean, The Wild Magazine, Touch Sensitive, Weekend Mixup, wilfred giroux, william onyabor, Yacht

Good Energy with Radiant Reveries

by: Kate Messinger

Adam Erick Wallace, Karolina Anna Wallace, and Erin Victoria Axtell of the band Radiant Reveries delve deep.

Tags: Adam Erick Wallace, Erin Victoria Axtell, Karolina Anna Wallace, radiant reveries, the WILD, WILD Profile

Talking Texture in Beatrice Adler-Boltons Studio

by: Kate Messinger

Painter Beatrice Adler-Bolton talks dime-bag inspiration and being a female painter without all the gender talk.

Tags: Beatrice Adler-Bolton, painter, the WILD, WILD Profile
Femme interview WILD music

Bullet Girl

by: Katie Chow

Femme's a bona fide DIY diva armed with catchy pop productions and self-directed videos.

Tags: Femme, Interviews, Katie Chow, music, pop, Radiant, The Wild Magazine, UK
Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.39.27 PM

Sophie Delafontaine on the Longchamp Woman

by: Paola Quinones

Celebrating the Le Pilage handbag's 20th anniversary with Sophie Delafontaine.

Tags: Fashion, le pilage, long champ, sophie delafontaine, the WILD, The Wild Magazine

Everything for a Reason, XO

by: The WILD

Tune into the downtempo production of XO.

Tags: Electronica, music, The Wild Magazine, UK, WILD PROFILES, XO

Yashua Klos Puts Personality in Portrtiture

by: The WILD

Like a broken statue put back together, Yashua Kloss delicate and tactile illustrations refresh the human form.

Tags: ART, Azza Satti, the WILD, Yashua Klos
Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 5.54.20 PM

Up For Air: Deep Talks with Joel Edgerton

by: Kate Messinger

Despite starring in the cult classic Kinky Boots to playing Ramses in Ridley Scott’s upcoming blockbuster Exodus: Gods and Kings, actor Joel Edgerton is surprisingly down to earth.

Tags: actor, alexei hay, Exodus: Gods and Kings, Joel Edgerton, Julian Jesus, Kate Messinger, Radiant, Radiant Issue, the WILD, The Wild Magazine
Mr Little Jeans_mini

Under the Mistletoe with
Mr Little Jeans

by: The WILD

Mr Little Jeans brings yuletide greetings with "Dear Santa," a pristine pop tune that feels at once cheery and longing.

Tags: Mr Little Jeans, music, pop, premiere, The Wild Magazine

Chyrum Lambert’s ‘Replicas’

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Chyrum Lambert talks the honesty of image for his ‘Replicas’ exhibit with work that has been cut with a blade, reformed and shaped into a new form.

Tags: Chyrum Lambert, the WILD, WILD Profile
julio-torres-5627-7 (1)

Julio Torres, The funniest Space Prince in the Galaxy

by: Kate Messinger

Comedian Julio Torres makes a mockery of the art world, one intern at a time.

Tags: arsnova, Comedian, John Early, julio torres, the WILD, WILD Profile
Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.05.27 AM

Jeremy Scott on Barbie,
Miley and the F-Word (FUN)

by: Louis Denizet

Jeremy Scott is America’s sartorial wild child, providing an aesthetic retort to the stuffy, uptight couture of Paris and all those who declared fashion to be no place for fun.

Tags: Barbie, Emily Kirkpatrick, Fashion, interview, Jeremy Scott, Louis Denizet, Miley Cyrus, Moschino, Radiant, Radiant Issue, Shrek, The Wild Magazine

Tau Benah, Constant Progression

by: Blaine Skrainka

Tau Benah's downtempo U.K. hip hop finds a way to walk in the shadows of Santana and Paul Simon.

Tags: Blaine Skrainka, Hip-Hop, Interviews, music, R&B, Tau Benah, UK, WILD PROFILES
Eric T. White

Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Politics of Listening at Armory Focus

by: Michael Valinsky

Get in touch with Lawrence Abu Hamdan, the commissioned artist for Armory Focus 2015.

Tags: Armory Focus, Armory Week, interview, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Listening, Michael Valinsky, Noah Horowitz, Omar Kholeif, Politics, The Armory Show

A Daptone Protégé Shines

by: Katie Chow

Cozy up with a cocktail in a champagne coupe and this new video from Miss Ida Blue.

Tags: Daptone, Katie Chow, Miss Ida Blue, music, music videos, premiere, The Wild Magazine

Jeremy Sorese is Racing to Perfect Happiness

by: Isaac Perez Solano

Illustrator Jeremy Sorese draws reality with grain of colorful salt.

Tags: Isaac Perez Solano, Jeremy Sorese, WILD Profile
Ball Park

Backstage with Ball Park

by: Katie Chow

Aussie indie poppers Ball Park join us to premiere a new video of life on the road.

Tags: Ball Park, Katie Chow, music, music videos, premiere, The Wild Magazine

Madison Bell Turns Up The Color

by: Kate Messinger

Artist and hairstylist at KennaLand, Madison Bell, shows us how to turn up the color.

Tags: ART, Fashion, Hair, interview, Kate Messinger, KennaLand, Madison Bell, the WILD
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Morning Mix

by: Blaine Skrainka

New cuts from Kelela, Oceaán, RY X, and Shy Girls.

Tags: Blaine Skrainka, Iza, Kelela, Morning Mix, music, Oceaán, playlists, ry x, Shy Girls, Sivu, The Wild Magazine, Tokimonsta
Diane Pernet The Wild Magazine

Talking Shaded Views With Diane Pernet

by: Kaelie Kelleher

An exclusive interview with fashion icon Diane Pernet about her stunning film series, A Shaded View On Fashion Film.

Tags: A shaded view on fashion, ART, ASVOFF, Diane Pernet, Fashion, fashion blogging, Fashion Film, Kaelie Kelleher, The Wild Magazine

In a Cold Sweat with RY X

by: Jarri Van der Haegen

RY X cried while making the video—we cried when watching it.

Tags: Disco Naivete, Jarri Van der Haegen, music, music videos, RX Y, The Wild Magazine

Photo Diary: Best of NADA

by: Kate Messinger

Take a look outside of the gallery box with new and exciting work from emerging galleries at the New Art Dealers Association Art Fair.

Tags: Art Basel Miami 2014, art fair, Kate Messinger, NADA, the WILD


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