Premiere: Ziemba Transcends Human
Atmospheres in ‘Hope is a Fold’

New York-based performance artist and musician René Kladzyk, under her solo moniker Ziemba, has released a new music video titled “Hope is a Fold,” premiered here. Filmed by dance artist Laura Bartczak and musician/filmmaker Mark Demolar of Woodsman, the audiovisual short finds Kladzyk with dancer Kaia Gilje shot in soft monochrome shadows. The individuals negotiate each other’s bodies, at times in conflict, at times in sync, but always they advance as one. The interplay represents an entanglement of the self or, as Kladzyk puts it, being stuck in an eternal limbo with an etheric double, communicating in twin movement. “Who, who are you?,” she questions lyrically. The song engenders a melancholic optimism, a product of major key progressions in juxtaposition with Kladzyk’s searching words.

Hope, hope is a fold in the cloth
You, you believe what you want
Who, who doesn’t cling when losing love?
You, you believe what you what

“‘Hope is a Fold’ explores the process of finding hope through loss and decay, seeing death as that which connects us to the infinite,” says Kladzyk.

“Hope is a Fold” comes from Ziemba’s debut album Hope is Never, out now on Lo & Behold!. The video was filmed on a set created by experimental theatre company Title Point Productions, housed in the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY.

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text by: Blaine Skrainka

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