WILD Profile: GAREN, It was Worth the Broken Bottles

Name: Garen Barsegian
Occupation: Producer / Photographer / Director
Where you were born: Yerevan, Armenia
Where you live now: Queens, NY

Garen Productions film Lilly & Kat the WILD arts wild profiles

What he’s currently working on:
There are always a few projects going on simultaneously. The first feature film I produced called Lily & Kat is currently in post-production (incredibly exciting!).

We were met with some bad luck during the production of the film (Hurricane Sandy hit right in the middle of it!), but we’re actually raising funds for it now through Kickstarter! You can check it out here.

I was also incredibly fortunate to work on a music video for the Japanese composer Yosi Horikawa. He takes sounds from our environment (bicycle wheels spinning, people walking through water, pencils etching) and turns them into incredible melodic compositions.

For the video for the track “Star” I was Inspired by the film Tree of Life. I wanted to explore through a series of vignettes the complex and layered emotional states of humans; love, loneliness, shock, anger, regret, lust and love.

The video is going to premiere early June when the track and his new album launch!

What good energy means to him:
In my opinion, good energy comes from passion. It’s funny because you can spot it in a room right away. That energy is undeniable. The same holds true for those that lack it. I want to surround myself with only those that possess it.

Garen Productions film Lilly & Kat the WILD arts wild profiles
Hannah Muray (Game of Thrones, Skins) and Jessica Rothe in Lily&Kat.

What Garen thinks there’s too much of and too little of:
I guess it’s our nature as humans to build on what came before us, but I feel as though our generation is too busy “remixing” what came before us instead of creating something new entirely.

With whom he would like most to go on a tête à tête:
Wong Kar Wai. Hands down. For me, his ability to heavily infuse a visual dialogue into his story telling is remarkable. And the ease with which he bends that visual dialogue to match the story he’s telling is second to none.

What he’d be doing if he wasn’t a film maker:
Car racing. I would really love to compete in the World Rally Championship.

On his life-to-do list:

  • See a final match of World Cup Soccer.
  • Race a lap of the Monaco F1 circuit in a Ferrari F1 Car.
  • Sail from island to island in the Mediterranean.
  • Travel across the US in Italian-made, mid 1960s convertible.
  • Learn how to fly a plane / helicopter.

If Garen were president:

  • Declassify all documents pertaining to current or past wars fought in the Middle East.
  • Make all government spending fully transparent.
  • Instill gun legislation similar to that of Australia.
  • Remove / re-think bans on cloning or stem-cell research.
  • In general, invest more on scientific research.

His most striking moment:
To be honest it’s difficult to pinpoint a single moment. The fact that I’m employed to work on, and create content that I believe in, is itself striking to me.

His earliest memory:
I remember the taste of the wild raspberries in my grandparent’s country house in Armenia. I must have been 4 years old. I’ve never tasted a raspberry like that since.

What he considers a fashion faux-pas:
It’s hard to say really, because fashion is a form of expression for some people. If everyone dressed according to the norms of society then what would be the fun in that?

I do have to say though; I love when people dress in an effortlessly cool way.

What cracks him up:
The L Train, Bedford Ave & Ludlow St.

The WILDEST situation he’s ever experienced:
I had two bottles broken over my head over a girl. Was it worth it? Totally.

Garen Productions film Lilly & Kat the WILD arts wild profiles

What he can’t live without:
My camera.

With whom he would like to grow old:
My first true love. We’ll see how that goes.

What he’d like to leave to the future generation:
I hope that I can in time, push the boundaries that were set before me, to force the next generation to surpass those.

Garen’s next challenge:
Starting a film, from the conception of an idea to it’s full realization.

His Heros:
My parents. They sacrificed a great deal so that my brother and I would have a future here in the US. For that, I’m forever grateful.

And his WILD Wish:
For the Armenian Genocide to be recognized.


Be sure to check out Garen’s film, Lily & Kat, and be a part of bringing it to the big screen!

text by: Kate Messinger

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