WILD Profile: Noella Coursaris Musunka, Model Citizen

Who: Noella Coursaris Musunka
Where she was born: Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Where she lives now: London
What she does: Founder and CEO of The Georges Malaika Foundation

Noella Musunka Coursaris model Georges Malaika Foundation

What she’s currently working on:
A collaboration with FIFA — we are working on opening a community center in Kalebuka that will be inaugurated in August. At GMF, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to help empower women and children throughout the DRC and Africa.

What  good energy means to her:
Good energy is taking the passion and the drive that you have inside of yourself and using it to promote a cause you believe in — a cause that will have a positive impact on the world.

What thinks there is too much of:
I think there is too much selfishness in the world. We see selfishness every day throughout the world, and the negativity that results because of it. Selfishness leads to violence and exclusion. The DRC is one of the most resource rich countries in the entire world, with the Congolese residing inside being some of the poorest. Throughout the recent history of the DRC, it is selfishness and exploitation that has led to the people being so poor.

With whom she would like most to go on a tête à tête:
Nelson Mandela. I would like to speak with him to discuss his life and any advice he would give to me to help improve Africa.

What she would  be doing if she didn’t have her current occupation:
I would still be modeling. I loved doing that for such a long time but am very happy with my work at GMF.

On her life-to-do list:
To be happy with my family and to see GMF grow and expand to empower more communities and girls.

What she would  do if president:
I would increase education to the neediest countries in the world. I would invest in these countries to empower the people within them so they can depend on themselves and create sustainable futures for their children.

Her most striking moment:
The realization that all we are doing at GMF is making a huge difference in the lives of our students, our angels.

Her earliest memory:
My dad.

What she can’t live without:
My husband James, my son JJ, and all our angels at the GMF School.

Noella Musunka Coursaris model Georges Malaika Foundation

What she would  like to leave to a future generation:
A stronger Africa and a better world. At GMF, we are constantly working towards empowering youth through education. It is through education that one learns the tools necessary to make a positive impact in the world.

Her next challenge:
To keep expanding the GMF school and to educate as many girls in RDC as we can. And I will love another child.

Her Hero:
Nelson Mandela.

Noella’s Wild Wish:
Peace in the world.

text by: Katie Grimmer

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