wild profile: Noah Souder-Russo, the positivity zone

by: Livia Coullias Blanc

May 6, 2012

Who: Noah Souder-Russo aka NSR
Where: Native Manhattanite currently living in Brooklyn
What: DJ, Rapper, creative

Noah Souder-Russo NSR dj rapper new york

What’s on his mind today:
Weather fluctuation, how to abolish ticketmaster and food

What he is currently working on:
Rap songs with producers Turbz Music and Dash Speaks, Patches & Pockets clothing line, myself

What he thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
Too many cell phones not enough dancing

With whom he would most like to go on a “ tête à tête”:

What good energy means to him:
No pretense, no judgement, just love and positivity. POSITIVITY.

With whom he would like to run a country:
My homies

What he would do if he was the president:
End war, health care for all, stop hydraulic fracking, tax the rich in pursuit of social welfare, legalize weed, holler at my smart friends for ideas, and then appoint someone capable to manage it.

What his most striking moment was:
Coming to the realization that I control my destiny.

What his earliest memory is:
Biting the nose off my bert (of bert & ernie) doll, and being scared of the blue whale at the natural history museum. (i’m so soft)

What he considers a fashion “faux-pas”:
Embroidered jeans and relying on labels to your define style

What cracks him up:
White girls, djs who don’t dance, and republicans

What kind of movement he would like to start:
Carly Rae Jepsen Marriage Movement

Who represents his “artistic” family:
Anyone who I build with, create with, and draw inspiration from.

What he would like to leave to future generation:
Seasons, old concert stubs and MTA tokens.

What his WILD Wish is:
My WILD wish is to get paid to travel the world with my friends whilst doing cool shit.

Noah Souder-Russo  NSR dj rapper new york
Photos by Livia Coullias Blanc

To know more about Noah Souder-Russo check his sound cloud , or twitter, or gamesetpatch.



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