WILD PROFILE: YoungJun Koo – Hello, rest of the World!

Who: YoungJun Koo
Where: New York City
From: Daegu in South Korea
What he does: Photographer

What’s on his mind today:
Magazine’s due date.

What good energy means to him:
It means, working on the best for my future.

What was his most striking moment:
When I took photos of Anna Wintour on the street. I directed her for shooting, and she followed my requires. Unbelievable!!

With whom he would like to grow old:
Of course with my all good friends.

What would you like to leave to future generation:
Well, I always think that leaving KOO (my website) could be great for the next generation. However, I’m a true believer that they also have to figure out thing by themselves. It’s way better for them, because we’re just adding some stairs for them to reach the goal.

The country where he would like to live:
For artists this is a tricky question. I would like to live where I feel inspire and free to develop my work.

What his WILD Wish is:
I want to take photos of really extreme moments. I would love going to every interesting place in the world and not settling for less at one spot just because I’m comfortable. This is not really focusing on fashion.

Fashion Photographer Terry Richardson New York

For more information on YoungJun Koo, visit his site.

text by: Isaac Perez Solano

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