WILD Profile: Veda in the Whale

Who: Veda Partalo
Where: Vagabond with a base in the Midwest
What she does: Things that pay the bills: Data-geek, mini-anthropologist, advertising strategist. Things that make the bills: Traveler, photographer, sailor, cyclist, pit-bull lover, chess nerd.
WILD Profile Veda Partalo
Photo by Ben laFond

What’s on her mind today:
I had a dream last night that I was inside a whale. Its belly was lined with white, glistening teeth. They looked like human teeth, the really big wisdom ones, neatly placed against its insides like bathroom tile. The whole cavity was aglow and warmth radiated from every corner. I woke up sweaty and have been thinking about it ever since.
This could be because I have been going to the dentist a lot lately. That, or because I’ve been reading “The Whale: In search of giants of the sea” by Philip Hoare. Either way, awesome dream, no?

What she is currently working on:
Back in January, the most mind-blowing letter from a current prison inmate landed on my desk. Apparently, a gentleman was looking for a muse and thought he’d start with me. So one Mr. Craig Duffney (designer extraordinaire) and I thought his effort may be worthy of its own animated film series. I mean, the letter just begs to be shared. It’s pure GOLD. That said, here’s a glimpse of the material we’re working from!

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
Too much talking shit, too little doing shit.

With whom she would most like to go on a “tête à tête”:
Mr. Ernest Shackleton and Tina Turner, together.

Who her favorite fictional character is:
Hands down, OMAR LITTLE from The Wire. Here’s a clip of his brilliance.

What her WILD Wish is:
I wish everyone would watch Godzilla backwards. Because then it’d be a story of an awesome, friendly monster putting a city back together and life would be fantastic.
Prison letter to Veda Partalo

text by: Dar Meshi

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