WILD Profile: Ulises Hadjis

Who: Ulises Hadjis
Where he lives: Maracaibo,Venezuela
What he does: Musician and professor

Ulises Hadjis profile for The WILD Magazine

What he’s currently working on:
I’m promoting my new album Cosas Perdidas. I’m also showing a piece of artwork and making the music for a short film directed by Alfredo Hueck.

What he thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
Too much politeness in the music world in Venezuela (and rest of the World), too little criticism.

With whom he would like most to go on a “tête à tête”:
The Peruvean singer Chabuca Granda, and more recently the father of my girlfriend.

What he will do if he were president:
I’d put all the money that the actual goverment uses in propaganda into education.

His his earliest memory:
I don’t know why, but I think It’s been in my dad’s building pool spinning around and getting really dizzy.

His most striking moment:
There’s a lot and most of them I don’t like to talk about. I guess it is being able to record an album at 19.

The WILDEST situation he have ever experienced:
It’s really lame, but I was at a party a long time ago, got extremely drunk with other women. It was crazy, like a visual orgy ’cause we started to jump naked onto the pool.

His idea of happiness:
A nap with someone you love.

Ulises’ WILD Wish:
Being able to friendly spank a woman’s butt while I’m jogging, LOL!

text by: Isaac Perez Solano

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