WILD Profile: Twinsmatic, Just Signed

Who: Twinsmatic
What they do: Music Producers/Video Directors
Where: Paris, France

WILD Profile Twinsmatic

What they are currently working on:
Several projects actually. We just signed to Universal Music Publishing so a lot of cool things are coming. We are working with three french rappers (Pink Tee, Joke, 3010), on some cool official remixes, on a special project with Nike and Ofive TV, etc… And we are also preparing our next mixtape.

What they think there is too much of, and too little of:
Too much glow, not enough sun.

Their highlight of 2012 so far:
Our deal with Universal Music Publishing.

Whom they would like to go on a “tête-à-tête” with:
P: Jhene Aiko
N: Mila Kunis

Their inspirations:
Guys like Timbaland, The Neptunes, Kanye West…

What kind of movement they would want to start:
What we are trying to do is build bridges with the new generation. Any creative people, any cool artists, any cool brands that we want to support and work with should get to know each other. We’re making new connections everyday and this has to lead everyone to the top.

Their “artistic” family:
We don’t classify our type of music because we try to avoid genre barriers by mixing them together. We will never say that we are a hip-hop duo, an rnb duo or something like that. We’re just trying to make good music.

Headphones they would like their music to be played in:
Everybody. No matter their age or their social background. If there is any robots or aliens on other planets in other galaxies we’re cool with this too!

What good energy means to them:
Good energy can be a lot of things but let us describe one of those special moments when good energy is here: red light, all of our friends silent and high, us mixing chopped & screwed songs, slowing down everything while eating brookie and ice cream. Ain’t that tempting?

Soundtrack to their life:
A selection of Drake’s songs.

What makes them smile:
P: I never smile
N: A lot of things. People talking shit as well as cute girls.

Their WILD wish:
P: Meeting the girl that’s asking these questions.
N: Talking to animals

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text by: Khiera Nicole

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