WILD PROFILE: The Shapes of Adrienne Alaimo

Name: Adrienne Alaimo
What she does: I design sculptural modern jewelry for my brand, AEA.
Where she lives: New York City…mostly. I’m a bit of a traveler these days.

Adrienne Alaimo AEA Jewelry

What’s on her mind today:
Social plans, meeting friends…you know, that kind of fun daily enjoyment.

What she’s currently working on:
Right now I am working on production orders and the new F/W ‘13 pieces, which is really exciting. I’m moving away from solid forms and playing with the idea of framework. Cannot wait for the first pieces to be finished!

Who’d she like most to go on a “tête à tête”:
Salvador Dali. I wish I could attend the exhibition on him at the Centre Pompidou right now, supposed to be wonderful.

Her most striking moment:
The first time I sold one of my pieces, way before I was even thinking of starting my own brand, when it was just a hobby while I worked in the fashion industry for Ralph Lauren. Really, I think that moment was what made me realize that I wanted to start my own line. Seeing someone else inspired by my work and wearing it is always an honor and I appreciate it still to this day.

What cracks her up:
Laughing with my mom. We both have the same big smile and often find ourselves in a laughing fit together.

What’s on her bucket list:
I’d go anywhere in the world, I love to travel. Right now I’m into removed outdoor-type trips and want to go exploring more out west. Getting out in the wild is a great city palate cleanser for me, necessary to do every few months or so to balance the NY mania.

Artists that inspire her:
A selection in no particular order: Calder, Man Ray, André Kertész- the distortion series, Hitchcock, Prada, Dali, Horst P Horst, Yves Klein- Peintures de Feu, and the entire Islamic art wing at the MET.

Her idea of happiness:
Living your dream, able to abandon the worries of money and just do what makes you happy.

Adrienne’s WILD Wish:
To achieve everything I dream of, might as well ask for it all!

text by: Dar Meshi

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