Who: Drew Roper, born in St. Louis, Missouri. Graphic designer.
Where: Chicago, Illinois

What’s on his mind today: How am I going to pay for all these summer concerts?

What he is currently working on: I’m currently working on updating my portfolio site, branding for a media company in LA, and some self initiated work to keep my stuff relevant. I’ve been throwing around some ideas with a few friends of mine recently that might lead to a freelance/personal “company” that we can all contribute to and make work that we want to make without the limitations of clients.

What he thinks there is too much of, and too little of: People who talk. People who listen.

What good energy means to him: Good energy is when I feel inspired. Whether it be create something, help someone, read more, listen better, work harder, anything. To me it’s a feeling of possibilities.

What cracks him up: animalsbeingdicks.com. When I laugh really hard I cry. Needless to say this website makes me cry. A lot.

Who represents his “artistic” family: My artistic family are the people I constantly ask for feedback from, and constantly try to impress.

Music people should know about: I’m way too ADD to listen to one band at a time, but Feed Me, Junk Culture, Paper Diamond, Braids, & Beats Antique have been getting heavy rotation on my iPod recently.

What his Wild Wish is: To have a pet panther.

Drew got his start handing out free concert posters in the college town of Columbia, Missouri. Check out his evolved portfolio.

text by: Blaine Skrainka

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