Who: Manny Medina
Where: Nashville, Tennessee
What he does: Touring bassist, singer & songwriter
Manny Medina Country singer from Nashville Tennessee

What’s on his mind today: Seahorses

What he’s currently working on: Right now I’m on the road playing bass with country artist, Kip Moore. He’s a great writer with a killer voice (it’s got a bit of a Springsteen vibe to it). The live shows are energetic and in the music you’ll hear a meld of many different influences. It’s a great bunch of dudes in the band too, which makes being on the road a hell of a lot easier. I’m also extremely excited to be in the early process of putting together my first solo album. I hope to have it finished and available by some time early next year.

What his most striking moment was: I watched my grandmother, Virginia (we all called her Mimi), suffer through Alzheimer’s. What a terrible disease. She was a poet, had an incredible voice, gave me my first guitar (which was hers), was a shrewd businesswoman, was constantly smiling and had such an amazing take on life. She was a huge influence in my life. I know that how she lived taught me more than how she passed, but there is no doubt that watching her deteriorate in front of my eyes proved how fragile life can be and the reverence that should be given to every waking moment. In the final throws of it all, when she could no longer recognize anyone, there was a day when she still managed to smile at me and pat my arm like she used to. I’m convinced it was a glimmer of recognition. It was my most striking moment.

With whom he would like to grow old: I’ll know her when I find her, at least I hope so. Please send applications to…

What cracks him up: People who can laugh at themselves. It’s easy to make fun of someone else but it takes a true sense of humor and confidence to say, “yeah that was really fucking stupid of me”.

What he would like to leave to the next generation: When I think of the next generation, I think of all the little ones in my family. If I could leave them any advice, it’s that life is too short to be practical. As long as you’re not hurting yourself or those around you, then get out, explore, grab life around the neck and enjoy it for all it’s worth. Don’t hold back, so that when your time finally comes around, you are road-worn and weary and not freshly awaiting what’s next for having saved yourself. On a related topic, I find it amusing how so many people are scared to leave things in the hands of our youth. It actually excites me. Bring on the fresh unadulterated views of the younger generation. Don’t listen to the blowhards kiddos. It’s your world now.

What his WILD wish is: Beyoncé

text by: Dar Meshi

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