WILD Profile: Take Berlin, and Brooklyn, and Brazil

Who: Jesse Barnes; Yvonne Ambrée a.k.a. Take Berlin
Where they were born: J: Cleveland, Ohio; Y: Berlin, Germany
Where they live now: J: Brooklyn; Y: Little bit of Berlin, little bit more of Brooklyn
What they do: J: Music, composer/guitarist, etc.; Y: Sing and write music

Take Berlin profile for The WILD mag

What they are currently working on:

J: Working to promote the Take Berlin EP release early 2013. Also, freelancing as a guitarist/bassist/singer/writer for a bunch of other projects.
Y: I am currently working on our duo-project Take Berlin ( writing and recording), and with the beginning of the new year some of my solo music as well.

What does good energy mean to them:

J: Good coffee…morning; leaving the phone off and the laptop closed until the afternoon; investing in creativity which in turn yields optimism.
Y: People being positive about good ideas — about life — and mostly about themselves as well. These days everybody gets “so dark” on things sometimes, me included, so I’m happy for every soul that brings some good energy along the way. I try my best as well.

The inspiration behind recording on a discarded “beat-up, old cassette deck” found in the snow:

J: Just a whim. When Yvonne and I wrote “Lionize” we jokingly used an Akai MPC and the cassette deck to track the demo — it sounded so good we stuck with it. I/we have since moved further from computers to make music.

The influence of weather on their music:

J: The winter forces you indoors to write and record. The good thing about New York is that the winters are still sunny (unlike Berlin!) so if you have good light in your place it’s perfect.
Y: We got influenced by the Hurricane Sandy in October. The storm took over and we wrote some instrumentals about it while the heavy rain and wind was knocking on our windows.

With whom they would like most to go on a tête à tête:

J: The late Carlos Jobim. Alive…?
Y: Leslie Feist, and if still alive Gustav Mahler.

On their life-to-do list:

J: There’s probably a limit here but writing for a number of artists and an extended stay in Brazil are up there.
Y: definitely a lot of more music to write. I would also like to write some “movie scores” (or film music in general) some day. That would be a big challenge.

Besides that maybe some time away from big cities, electronic equipment, and the lack of “never enough time.” Escaping for a while.

With whom would you like to grow old?

J: I’m never getting old…
Y: …but you´re over 30 — you are old already.

With somebody who feels good about growing old — who would say: “Been there – done this & that. Did everything the way I wanted to.”

Are they optimistic about the future?

J: Currently… Very.
Y: Most of the time — YES.

The first record they bought with their own money:

J: Probably C+C Music Factory.
Y: Puh, it might have been either Salt´n´Pepa Push it or Janet Jackson Control.

Music acts we should be checking out:

J: Yvonne would know better. I’m currently stuck on Randy Newman’s record — Sail Away.
Y: I really dig the Berlin-based band Laing. They´ve been out there for a long time and finally it s paying off. Those girls have some good energy and ideas.

In NYC I just discovered the band Lazer Cake by becoming friends with the lead singer,
and when listening to their music it immediately made my day. Definitely two bands worth checking out.

Their next challenge:

J: Just did a few days of writing with Lulu Gainsbourg for his album.

In January Yvonne is helping me finish some of my solo project then onto writing new Take Berlin material!

And a music video…

Take Berlin’s WILD Wish:

J: To move to Brazil.
Y: Germans don´t go wild -– we´re stiff!


Go here for a free download of Mixtape No.7


Take Berlin profile for The WILD mag

text by: Blaine Skrainka

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