WILD Profile: Roxy Star, Not a Dolphin Trainer

by: Julia Lola Wang

October 17, 2012

Who: Roxy Star
Where she lives: Seattle
What she does: Owner of Twice Lux

Roxy Star profile for The WILD

What is on her mind today:
Editing photos, road trips, and moving to Europe.

How she got started with Twice Lux:
I started selling vintage clothing online when I was 18 years-old. Someone told me about Etsy and selling vintage on their site. I began hoarding merchandise and styled the clothes on models/myself… people loved it and I have been doing it ever since.

What she is currently working on:
Constructing clutches out of PVC.

The biggest challenge she has faced in life as of now:
I think moving from state to state the last three years.

What she would be doing if she didn’t have her current occupation:
I would probably still be in College. I wanted to be a dolphin trainer when I was like 10, but thought it was an unrealistic career.

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
There are too many shady people and not enough open-minded people.

Her most striking moment:
Anytime I wear garters, lace, platforms, or leather.

Something in particular she does to calm her nerves:
I smoke, I smoke a lot.

Favorite food recipe to share with readers:
Oh this is tough! My favorite dish right now is probably Arroz Imperial. My grandmother use to make it for me, and now I use the recipe to impress my friends with my Cuban cooking skills. It’s pretty much yellow rice, chicken, layers of mayonnaise, and veggies.

Where she finds inspiration:
On the street, in magazines, art, and anything that is visually appealing.

The WILDEST situation she has ever experienced:
Holding Alice Glass’s hand during a Crystal Castles concert.

What cracks her up:
Honey Boo Boo Child.

Her idea of happiness:
A place to call home, and lots of shoes.

And love:
An indescribable feeling.

With whom she would like most to go on a “ tête à tête”:
Probably Winona Ryder just so I know where she has been hiding.

What kind of movement she would like to start:
I’m not one for movements or politics.

A song to cheer us up:
Bennie and the Jets – Elton John

Roxy’s WILD Wish:
To take Twice Lux to a physical retail location somewhere on the East Coast or Europe.

Roxy Star profile for The WILD magazine


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