by: Lia Hallie

February 1, 2012

Who: Roberto Piqueras
Where: East London
What he does: Design my own stylelife

roberto piqueras

What’s on his mind today: Today I received my Hello Kitty phone but doesn´t work… So, trying to fix it.

What he’s you currently working on: Right now, Im going to film a video for summer 2012 collection by Cocoladas, preparing my little fashion show in Rome at Anglo mania & finishing winter 2012/13 collection to show in London in March.

What he thinks there is too much of, and too little of: Too much of sadness & too little of happiness.

With whom he would most like to go on a “ tête à tête”: With Salvador Dalí, of course.

What good energy means to him: Riding my bike in Victoria park.

With whom he would like to run a country: With Susana López.

What his most striking moment was: The first night I met Mario Testino.

What his earliest memory is: Someplace totally dark.

What he considers a fashion “faux-pas”: When I hear too much attention for the fashion press.

What cracks him up: Animal gifts.

What kind of movement would he like to start: POP ART

Who represents his “artistic” family: Photographers César Segarra, Markus Rico, Alis Pelleschi & Cocoladas. Illustrators Susana López & Pol Anglada. Music: Crim3s & Charli XCX.

With whom would he like to grow old: With somebody who looks like a young version of me.

What his WILD Wish is: My WILD wish is live in many different places on the planet.

roberto piqueras collection

To know more about Roberto Piqueras click here.


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