Who: Prune Nourry
Where:The Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn
From: Paris, FRANCE
What she does: Multi-disciplinary Artist (sculpture, video, photography and performance).

french artist prune nourry new york invisible dog

What’s on her mind today:
I have in mind the sculpture I’m currently making – a large clay hand with life’s lines in the shape of the Ganges river. It will ultimately be cast in bronze and symbolize the scared quality of water as source of all life – similarly to the blood rushing through our body’s veins, or a tree’s resin. Water has a holy significance in all cultures, yet we are close to losing this vital natural resource.

What she is currently working on:
I am currently working on my upcoming “Holy River” exhibition opening at the Invisible Dog Art Center on May 12th. This show is the culmination of a 3-year project on gender selection focused on India. The discovery of the ultrasound in the 80s, among other new technologies, has led to the abortion of millions of unwanted girls all over Asia, in particular in China and India. In response, I created sculptures that are hybrids between the Indian “Holy Cow” and young girls as a way to infiltrate the Indian culture by establishing a myth resembling their existing gods. The first performance I did took place in New Delhi in 2010. I abandoned resin versions of my “Holy Daughters” in the streets and recorded people’s reactions. “Holy River” reflects on my latest performance last fall in Kolkata, which juxtaposes the way we treat water and women. You will have to come to the show to find out more.

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
There is too much human trading. Prostitution, child slavery, even human organs are for sale today… And way too little sharing: giving without expecting anything in return. What I mean is that there is too much business around human exploitation and not enough donation. For example what they call sperm “donation” is actually a real lucrative business here in the US. People are paid to give sperm but they still use the term “donation”. That’s why I did the Spermbar project. It was a humorous performance piece around the sperm bank industry in United States. The more you pay, the more information you get on your potential donor. It goes from the physical traits, to religion and intellect. If you have more money, you can even ask for the father of your future child to look something between Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp.

french artist prune nourry spermbar new york

With whom she would most like to go on a “ tête à tête”:
The Sperm bank celebrity lookalike donor between Johnny and Brad, of course. Instead of a tete a tete, I would rather have the many people I admire around a large table for a “family” dinner, and I’d cook them a risotto!

What good energy means to her:

With whom she would like to run a country:
With an idealist who knows how to turn imagination into reality – like the man who shares my life. It’s all about sharing!

What she would do if she was the president:
I would add over one hour/week of Arts (visual arts, theater, music, dance and so one) in the school curriculum. I wish our system valued the Arts as much as the Sciences.

What her earliest memory is:
Tough question. I’ll just go with the first early memory that pops into my mind. When I was 7, my father and I curated an “exhibition” on the beach in Normandy called “Effet Mer,” which is a French pun meaning both “ephemeral” and “sea effects”. The artist we were presenting was actually the sea, making art from a shipwreck. After years of water erosion, the shipwreck had become what looked like conceptual art. So, we organized a little exhibition for our friends on the beach, with champagne and appetizers.

What she considers a fashion “faux-pas”:
There is no fashion “faux-pas” for me as long as you are staying true to yourself in what you are wearing. It depends on each person’s personality.

What cracks her up:
Some people crack me up when they get upset. Also, my feet are very ticklish.

What kind of movement she would like to start:
I would like to start a kind of “fete de la musique,” in NY but around dance. People dancing in the street all night long on the first day of Spring.

Who represents her “artistic” family:
Louise Bourgeois and Camille Claudel for being both women and artists, and the challenges it involved. They were artists above all at times where it wasn’t easy for a woman to do so. Also Nijinsky, because dance represents the language of expression I respect the most. And last but not least Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and JR for their freedom and bringing Art to the street – making it accessible to all.

With whom she would like to grow old:
With someone who would never grow old in his mind.

What she would like to leave to future generation:
I want to leave clean drinking water to our future generations. Without water, you’ve got nothing else.

What her WILD Wish is:
My WILD wish would be to make a huge sculpture that goes around the world. It would circle the world to end right back where it started, and I would create it with all the people I meet on the way.

french artist prune nourry new york
photos by Livia Coullias Blanc

to know more about Prune Nourry click here or here

text by: Livia Coullias Blanc

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