WILD Profile: Phoebe Kiddo, Sonic Hauntology

Who:Â Phoebe Kiddo
Where she was born:Â Australia
Where she lives now: Berlin, Germany
What she does:Â Makes electronic music


What she has been up to lately:
Shooting a music video, recording, getting fired.

What is on her mind today:
Yoga & Mixing!

What she is currently working on:
New records, collaborating and planning for the future.

If she was a sound, that sound would probably be:
A hauntology of psychic transformation in sonic form.

What movement she would like to start:
A health aware Berlin massive.

Who represents her artistic family:
My talented friends.

The first record she bought with her own money:
Salt n’ Pepa’s “Push It.”

Heavy rotation recently in her headphones:
Faded Ghost, Fennesz, Laurel Halo, Patty Waters, Ghost in the Shell.

Where she goes to be alone:
To the studio.

With whom she would like most to go on a tête à tête:
Alice Coltrane.

Whom she considers a style icon:
Sun Ra.

What she would like to leave future generations:
A functional planet and belief in the power of art.

Her WILD wish:
collaborate with Ryoji Ikeda.

text by: Michelle Chung

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