WILD Profile: Ole Brolin. Artist? Musician? Fool?

Name: Ole Brolin
Occupation: Artist? Musician? Fool?
Where he were born: Gothenburg, Sweden
Where he lives now: Berlin!

Ole Brolin wild profiles arts

What he’s currently working on:
For a few weeks I’ll be on the island of Gotland, visiting my mother. I’m going to record waves and forest noises. And meditate.
Just did sounds and noises for TEMPO MASINO LABORATORION, an improvised shadow-puppet-theater.
Also collaborating on a fanzine with Erin Goldberger that is called Part Time Life.

What good energy means to him:
Coffee? Coffee! Food! Enjoyment! Love! LOVE! LOOOOOOVE!

What he thinks there is too much of and too little of:
There is way too much money. And too little reason. We should be focusing on how to make everyone have a good life. Everyone!


With whom he’d like to go on a tête à tête:
So many. Bill Drummond, or Richard Feynman. Or Edward Teller. Or Marquis De Sade. Or..

What he’d be doing if he didn’t have his current occupation:
Slowly decaying in a pissy callcenter? I don’t know. I don’t think I can do anything for extended periods of time. It drives me crazy and I fuck up and get fired. ADD anyone?

On his life-to-do list:
I’ve never been outside Europe. So thats one thing. Also I want to make a vinyl record.

If he were president:
Have the White House painted pink and prohibit repainting it for the next 23 years or so. Also change the colors on the flag. Rainbow! After having served my term I’d write a political tv drama: The Pink House.

Ole’s most striking moment:
When I made peace with my mom, earlier this year. We had not seen each other for a long time, she came to visit for a week and we kind of started over from scratch. She gives me a lot of strength and hope. She is also an artist and it feels like she’s finally letting herself go, doing what makes her happy.

His earliest memory:
One thing I recall is a wedding party for one of my mom’s friends. I was maybe six years old. They own a big farm out on the country side and got a circus tent set up, there were people breathing fire and lots of music. The party went on for like two days, and I later heard that the groom had eaten Amanita Muscaria (psychedelic mushrooms) a couple of days before.


What he considers a fashion faux-pas:
I don’t know. To me it feels strange meeting people wearing clothes that cost more than I earned this year. Shop second hand! Save the dolphins! Eat more sprouts! And broccoli! Fuck, I sound like a hippie schoolteacher.

What cracks him up:
Amongst other things, Richard P Feynman talking about rubber bands.

The WILDEST situation he’s ever experienced:
Oh. So many.. To quote a book I quite enjoyed: “ ‘Tis an ill wind that blows no minds”


Surrealist anarchy! Peas for our thyme! Image by Panikearth and Pablo Perra

What he can’t live without:
Eating, breathing, sleeping & shitting, in no particular order. The rest is luxury.

With whom he would like to grow old:
EGG. And my friend Marcus M. We’ve managed to stay close even though we live in different countries. Without him I’d have gone crazy years ago.
In my dreams we’ll own a bunker together and spend our time making huge droning walls of sound. Slowly going deaf. With long white beards.

What Ole would like to leave to future generation:


All photos by Ursula Böckler

His next challenge:
Right now, paying the rent. And being careful. My collarbone is slowly growing back together since I got hit by a car a month ago. They put a piece of plastic in me! On the way to becoming a robot! And I have movement restrictions for the next half year, in order not to break said plastic piece.

Ole’s WILD Wish:
At the moment all I wish for is a little bit of stability in my chaotic existence. Also more tools and materials for building electronic sound devices.
Not that WILD of a wish…

Check out more of Ole’s music, here.

text by: Kate Messinger

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