WILD Profile: Naomi Clark, Free to Possibility

Who: Naomi Sarah Clark
Where she was born: Boulder, Colorado
Where she lives now: Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
What she does: I am a painter and part of an art collaborative Fort Makers.


What she’s been up to lately:
Well we have a really crazy summer coming up with tons of shows and installations in various cool locations. This week I was painting a wing of an old Victoria’s Secret store at the South Street Seaport mall. I was painting it white to start a gigantic mural! I can just slop around paint at this stag, which is so crazy fun for me. The mall is being torn down at the end of the summer and they gave our friends from Flat Vernacular, a space for the summer. The room is enormous! It is the biggest thing I have ever tried to paint. It has been really fun. That is opening May 22 and will stay open all summer.

What art means to her:
To me art is a force that stops me in my tracks and marks a time, a place, a feeling…art is something that equalizes my energy and makes me feel present. It is a power.

Her favorite color:

If she were a sound, that sound would probably be:
I think I would be a slightly offbeat bass drum or the sound of a fan…

What good energy means to her:
Good energy is present energy…it is energy that is with you but is not trying to push or pull…it doesn’t have to be mellow necessarily but it does have to be open. Good energy is honest to moment and free to possibility and re-assessment.


What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
I think there is way to many of those plastic jewel cases that I eat my salad in too often and too many expensive juices that also come in so much plastic! Ahhh…I think there is too little of neighborly hello’s on the street.

With whom she would like most to go on a tête à tête:
David Lynch.

If she could see broad social change in one aspect, it would it be:
A lot of the social change I would like to see is happening. Universal health care for one, to feel healthy and to have a good education is to be free and for a country like the United States that prides itself on freedom, universal health care is long overdue. I would also like to see public schools provide outstanding unmatched education. I would like public schools to be sooo excellent that private schools can’t compete with them and have it be that way no matter where you live. If we teach all people how to think and learn we will have a better future. I would also like to change the pharmaceutical industry to not be evil and corrupt and to actually use their research and power to help people and not just to make billions of dollars for some white guys.

What makes her smile:
The mountains, sunshine, my friends…stand up comedy, painting and pretty colors.


Something that has surprised her recently:
I heard that this woman was eating an uncooked piece of squid and it somehow impregnated her face. That was really surprising.

Where she goes to be alone:
Fort Greene Park or the library at Pratt.

Whom she considers a style icon:
Ms. Nana Spears, Jean Seberg, French women and my Momma.

Her favorite person in the world:
I have lots of favorites for different moods.

Naomi’s WILD Wish:
Hmmm…. my WILD WILD wish is to one day be asked to do an installation at the Venice Biennale and to see most of the world.


See more of Naomi’s work here and here

text by: The WILD

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