WILD Profile: Michele Michael Gets Her Hands Dirty

Who: Michele Michael
What she does for a living: I am a ceramicist. I also own a prop house in
Manhattan called Elephant Props
Where she lives: Rural Maine

Michele Michael Elephat Ceramics Props
Photo by: Jennifer Causey

What’s on her mind today:
It’s New Year’s Day and I am thinking about how to make the most of this year. I’m looking to surprise myself.

What is she currently working on:
New variations and depth in the color of my glazes: vivid blues and electric greens.

Why ceramics:
Because there is nothing lovelier than getting your hands dirty.

She explains why every product is unique:
The first thing I learned while working in clay is that the results are often unpredictable, which is what I love most about it. The joy of making my work is the process and experimenting along the way. If I made the same piece over and over there would be little or no surprises to look forward to every time I opened my kiln.

What she would be doing if she wasn’t designing ceramics:
Working with animals in some capacity. Hoping to save the world along the way.

Her idea of happiness:

Of love:
A witty husband, soft cats, a sassy brown dog and an adorable Chihuahua.

On her bucket list:
Visiting the orphaned baby elephants at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. Meeting my childhood penpal in person; she grew up in the Faroe Islands and now lives in Copenhagen. While in Copenhagen I’d like to squeeze in a visit to Noma, too. Traveling to the many places I still have not been to such as India, Japan, Greece, Mexico, Vietnam, The Seychelles and Madagascar.

What she would like to leave to future generations:
As an individual I can’t say, but as part of the human race I hope we leave a planet that is habitable for future generations.

Her next challenge:
Collecting and using clay from along the Eastern River, which my studio overlooks.

Michele’s WILD Wish:
To have a butler just like Jeeves.

text by: Katie Grimmer

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