WILD Profile: Marissa Maximo, Meaningful Intentions

Who: Marissa Maximo
Where she was born: New York, NY
Where she lives now: Philadelphia, PA
What she does: Director of Brand Relations and Special Projects at Urban Outfitters

Marissa Maximo interview WILD mag profile

What she’s currently working on:
I’m working on a pop-up shop called BAZAAAAAAR inspired by amazing street bazaars we’ve visited all over the world. It’s filled with traditional African art as well as clothing and accessories by more graphically-inclined Western designers. My favorite part is that we’re giving back a percentage of the proceeds to organizations in five different African countries in need. It opens May 3rd at Space 15 Twenty in L.A.

What good energy means to her:
Good energy is having meaningful intention, desire and passion for something or somebody. It is inherently selfless because you’re all about adding positive value to an experience.

What she would be doing if she didn’t have her current occupation:
I’d tie together my love of travel, food, art and design to create a boutique hotel experience that works in tandem to support a local community.

On her life-to-do list:
I feel fortunate to have crossed a few things off my to-do-list. Went cave diving in the Philippines, hiked the Himalayan mountains of Bhutan and surfed in Australia and Mexico. Still left on my list: more travel, finding ways to use my talents and experiences to help others, start painting and fall in love (again).

Her earliest memory:
My earliest memory is when I received my first drawing easel at 5 years-old. Too excited to fall asleep on Christmas Eve, I saw my parents tiptoe into my bedroom and place an easel besides my bed. I will never forget waking up that Christmas. I ran outside in front of the house to set-up my easel in the snow and began drawing with my charcoals and sketchpad.

Marissa Maximo interview WILD mag profile

What cracks her up:
I can be very serious, especially at work, but when it boils down to it, I’m a complete goof ball. I love most anything from Judd Apatow (“Bridesmaids” wedding dress scene is hilarious). Throw in Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted,” and I can’t stop cracking up.

The WILDEST situation she has ever experienced:
Hmmm. That’s hard to pick just one. My WILDEST situation had to be when I was in art school and working on an independent study in the Philippines. I was discovering rarely traveled regions, hiking rice terraces, cliff jumping, chewing betel nut, horse-back riding, hopping uninhibited islands, driving in an old VW Bug, dancing, playing in drum circles…compared to growing up in suburban Baltimore, it was the most exotic experience of all time.

What she cannot live without:
I can’t live without my favorite fuzzy grey sweater from Joseph in London. It instantly relaxes me. I also can’t part with my collection of antique textiles, clothing, buttons, ribbons and bits and bobs from around the world. The high level of adornment, quality and design are incredibly breathtaking to me, and I feel the need to surround myself with their beauty.

Her next challenge:
I’d like to continue launching emerging artists and designers from around the globe, supporting sustainable trade and handicraft along the way.

Marissa’s WILD Wish:
My WILD Wish is for love and happiness, always. After working in fashion for over 10 years and seeing (and doing the wildest things in) the world, I realize that I don’t need much except for the simple things in life.

text by: Teena Kang

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