Who: Mariel Gomsrud
Where: L.A. but from Norway
What: Actress/Model

Mariel Gomsrud Model Actress Blond

What’s on her mind today:

I was driving home, with the top down, of my 1991 Mazda convertible, not a car you necessarily pride yourself on, but to me she is a thing of beauty, I really do love my milfy, yes that’s her name, classic rock tunes were on the radio and a nice warm breeze, I felt so free, and so happy just to be here, alive, and for me that rarely happens. I’m always running around like a maniac with all my to do lists, and on the phone, multitasking like mad, anyway its important to recognize the little things in life like a good song or the wind in your hair.

What she is currently working on:
Just wrapping up an Indie film “Armynel.” I just booked a role in the feature “Apocalyptic Playground.” I’m shooting a campaign for “They Roared Vintage” tomorrow. And working on myself, ready to take my acting and modeling to the next level. My sister and I just recently started our own production company, I literally just today made up my mind that I want to create a short film with my twin and the goal is to get it into Sundance even the Oscars next year. I always have a billion projects I want to do☺

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
Too much technology, too little humanity. It’s frightening really.

With whom she would most like to go on a “tête à tête”:
Anais Niin and Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, Robert Mapplethorpe, Saul Williams and Sam Childers.

What good energy means to her:

With whom she would like to run a country:
My Dad and Martin Luther King, Jr.

What she would do if she was the president:
Bring integrity back into politics. I’d start off with free healthcare; legalize gay marriage, if anything – more love is what we need.

What her most striking moment was:
I flew to Tokyo to shoot a film. I cried; I felt finally all the hard work was starting to pay off and I’m living my dream, it was surreal and beautiful.

What she considers a fashion “faux-pas”:
Real fur, fake fur is just as good and no animal was hurt.

What cracks her up:
I’m always giggling, it’s not hard to make me laugh, but my little sister has the best sense of humor and my friend’s son is hilariou. We are so silly together. He’s a good reminder of how important it is to remember the kid in you no matter what age. And awkward situations always crack me up.

What kind of movement she would like to start:
We should take some cues from the youth of the 60s, and be children of our own revolution develop ourselves as instruments of positive change.

Who represents her “artistic” family:
My family and friends are my heroes, my muse, my inspiration and the most precious gifts ever I’m so grateful for each and every one of them.

With whom she would like to grow old:
The loves of my life.

What she would like to leave to future generation:
Don’t let anyone ever tell you, you can’t have everything you dream of and more. You want something? You better go get it. And off course a happy healthy planet☺

What her WILD Wish is:
For all my dreams to come true and to see my Mom again.

Mariel Gomsrud Sitting by the Water
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text by: Giovanna Badilla

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