WILD Profile: Leta Sobierajski, Graphic Thoughts

by: Kate Messinger

November 30, 2012

Name: Leta Sobierajski
Occupation: Graphic designer
Lives in: Brooklyn, New York

Leta Sobierajski Graphic Design Brooklyn
Photo by Erin Goldberger

What she’s working on now:
A typeface, a small poster, and a wedding invitation for one of my best friends.

What good energy means to her:
Literally, good energy is enough sleep and enough coffee. It also involves a heavy dose of motivation and solid inspiration.

What she thinks there is too little and too much of:
Too little time, too many ideas.

Who’d she’d like to go on a “ tête à tête” with:
Sol Lewitt—he was one of my favorite designers. Ideally, we would only speak in math equations.

What she would be doing if she wasn’t a graphic designer:
I would probably fall back on cheese. It is probably my favorite food.

On Leta’s life-to-do list?
Work to be happy, be happy to work.

If she were president, Leta would:
Institute free health insurance, life supplies of chocolate, and birth control for the masses.

Her earliest memory:
When I was young I was obsessed with labels. I may not remember particular memories per se, but I was always able to recall the branding and packaging and patterns of the products that existed in my household.

What she considers a fashion “faux-pas”:
Nude tights. This applies to you too, Mom!

The WILDEST situation she’s ever experienced:

What cracks her up:

What she can’t live without:
The Adobe Creative Suite, and contact lenses.

What she’s like to leave to future generations:
I think it is very important that future generations maintain their hunger for knowledge and their desire to learn more than what has been placed in front of them.

Leta’s next challenge:
Maintaining a regular sleep schedule.

Her WILD Wish:
Unlimited time, resources, and constant happiness.


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