WILD Profile: Katie Longmyer, Connected

Who: Katie Longmyer
Where she was born: Washington D.C.
Where she lives now: New York City
What she does: I like to call myself a Vibe Curator & Business Artist.

Katie Longmyer WILD mag

What she’s currently working on:
– A monthly underground dance music party series in a Dim Sum restaurant under the Manhattan Bridge called Dark Disco with booker Jen Lyon

– An upcoming mixtape series for Calm + Collect, my label project with Nick Hook

– A fashion week party called Select Fridays with Bijules at Le Tigre in Paris for Fashion Week in March

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of: 
Way too much of people staring into their phones, thinking that makes them “connected.” Way too little love for the sake of love. Go talk to a stranger or open a door for someone or buy the person in line who’s short on change their coffee. You’ll get more out of it than you think, and THAT is being connected.

With whom she would like most to go on a tête à tête:
John Waters.

What would you be doing if you didn’t have your current occupation:
I would be a cellist or a conductor of an internationally known symphony orchestra.

If she were a sound, it would be: 
A meditation signing bowl 

What cracks her up:
Witty sarcastic humor and general silliness.

Her hero:
I’m inspired by all kinds of creators and strong women who have taken risks, won and lost and lived on the fringe and/or carved their own space for success, but I don’t really believe in heroes. I try to take all that inspiration and work on building myself into my own hero.

Katie’s WILD Wish:
A hotel/lounge/restaurant that embodies the people, vibes and music that I love that could exist all over the world in multiple cities and be a place to showcase, inspire and bring together the interconnectivity of the creators that I’m a part of.

text by: The WILD

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