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WILD Profile: JUCO Photo, Good Energy is Indescribable

by: Kacie Tomita

March 18, 2014

Who: JUCO Photo
What: Photographers
Where they were born: Julia in Miami, Fl Cody in Phoenix, AZ
Where they live now: We both live in Eagle Rock, Ca

juco photo the wild profile

What they are currently working on:
We are currently shooting for Nike this week and next. We just finished a fashion editorial for Paper magazine, a story for Kinfolk and a poster campaign for Seattle International Film Festival.

What good energy means to them:
Good energy is indescribable – it’s a sixth sense and you know it when you feel it. If you had to put it into physical form you can see it in a person’s eyes.

juco photo the wild profile

What they think there is too much of, and too little of:
There’s too much time on the iPhone – I’m talking about ourselves and everyone else around us. There’s too little time to swim.

What they would be doing if they didn’t have their current occupation:
Perhaps working at a thrift store or moving into the country and teaching.


What is on their life-to-do-list:
Too much to list out here….a few favorites: Travel more, publish a book, work internationally.

What they would do if they were the president:
We’d probably have a total meltdown.

What is it like working as a duo team:
Wonderful. Difficult. Productive. Challenging. We both have our strengths and weaknesses. We both drive each other crazy. We also really compliment one another a lot.

juco photo

What they consider fashion “faux-pas”:
Not feeling comfortable in your own skin.

What got them into photography to begin with:
Cody was given a camera while living in Germany and he got hooked. Julia had a crazy teacher her freshman year of college that encouraged her to apply for art school.


What they can’t live without:
The beach.

What they would like to leave to future generations:
Good work ethic. Work they can look up to. An honest approach at the world of professional photography.


Their Heros:
Tim Walker is a hero. Guy Bourdin is also a hero. Beethoven is a definite hero. And the list goes on!

Their WILD Wish:
Our WILD Wish is that shooting film makes an incredible come back – making processing and costs lower for all photographers who love it.



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