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WILD Profile: Jono Namara, Taking Over Japan « The WILD Magazine

July 20, 2012

WILD Profile: Jono Namara, Taking Over Japan

WHO: Jono Namara
WHERE: Currently in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
FROM: Edgware, Middlesex, England
WHAT HE DOES: Model, TV Presenter/Producer, J-pop Crooner.

Jono Namara Wild Mag

On his mind today:
The on going struggle between staying in and working on my projects or going out and swallowing more incredible whizz-bang Japanese culture. That, and for a reason I can’t quite understand why, the song ‘Signs’ by Snoop Dogg on a constant swirling cycle.

What he is currently working on:
I’m currently in Japan on contract as a model, it’s a fantastic experience as not only it gives me the ability to potentially earn Yen but it also allows me to work on everything else I’m trying to pursue.

I’ve actually somehow fallen into having a J-pop (Japanese Pop) career. We’re called ‘KYE BOYZ’ it’s 90’s Backstreet Boys/5ive meets Da Pump (a very successful 90’s boy band out here, check out the single ‘Rhapsody In Blue’). We’ve already been interviewed for a big Tokyo Radio Station and currently have our first music video. Although, things have happened far to quick, we’ve already split up, so I’m going to do a ‘Robbie Williams’ and aim for a solo career, you never know, watch this space, the way things are going we might have a reform tour next month!

What he thinks there is too much of, too little of:
Too much talking, too little doing. In a general sense, politicians. In a more personal area, people I want to work with creatively.

What cracks him up:
John Cleese as Basil Fawlty in ‘Fawlty Towers’ and his very British constant tone of frustration. The over the top mannerisms and his spiteful wit under the breath observations of his wife Sybil and his hotel staff and guests.

His current obsession:
Analogue Cameras. Japan is a Mecca for them! I love the clunk of a shutter as it snaps back shut, there’s something very rewarding in that, you can almost feel the chemical process of the light reacting with film, it feels real. My friend let me in on his deep dark Tokyo secret, a treasure trove of a junk shop. Brimming full of burnt out old clocks, untouched geometry sets, Versace handbags, standard army brick walkie talkies, the walls flooded with half a century old SLR Cameras. I’ve built up quite a collection, I get good prices by bartering with the old man. We’ve built up quite a rapport over the last few months, if it wasn’t for the language barrier, I’d be very tempted to ask him out for a couple of sake’s together.

The song he is listening to today:
Apart from Snoop Dogg. It’s The Kinks, The Music Machine (terribly underrated, check out ‘Some other Drum’ beautiful lyrics, brings me near to tears) Talking Heads and Blood Orange.

What he can’t live without:
Clean Knickers.

Today’s inspiration:
A well-shot Vimeo video about a bar in New York, that mastered the Japanese fine art of serving fresh cut ice balls to plonk in your Suntory Whisky. (Beautiful but completely unnecessary)

His hero:
It’s got to be Henry Miller. I’m currently going through his books. The man screamed life and optimism. Youtube ‘Henry Miller Bathroom Monologue’. A wealth of information with a panache of story telling delivered with a gravely Brooklyn growl, plus for an 80 year old, the man looks quite dashing in a robe.

His WILD Wish:
I used to work as a sales assistant at a high street retail chain for a few years as a part time job when I was at school. I always used to get into trouble for talking to the customers too much, but it kept me sane and the customers, especially the older ladies always seemed to like a good chat.

One lady gave me some gold and slightly grandiose advice, ‘Whatever you do…’ she said ‘live your life as if it’s being written for a movie script, try and make it the most exciting movie script that’s ever been written. Fill it with love, passion, struggle, excitement, optimism, with many interesting characters and many locations’. It made a massive impact on my motivation and still does to this day. So, with that advice, to conclude, my wildest wish, is for us all to have the opportunity to live an exciting movie script.

Jono Namara Wild Mag

Jono Namara Wild Mag

Jono Namara Wild Mag

Jono Namara Wild Mag


text by: Marine de la Morandière