Who: Jessica Mitrani.
What she does: Short films, performance, objects.
Where: Franklin Street, studio one, NYC

Performance artist Jessica Mitrani New York
Photos by: Britt Kubat

What’s on her mind today: Today I am editing a new video called “headpieces for peace” about an imaginary non-hierarchical, nomadic organization on a tandem that seeks to initiate free political action from all unitary and totalizing paranoia. Its members work to promote difference over uniformity and an understanding that singularity and collectivity are no longer at odds with each other. We can be individual and related. The organization consists of 11 interchangeable and fluctuating members who belief that collective expressions of desire are possible.

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
Too much bottled water! Too much war on drugs, too much addiction to money, money ceased to be the means and became the end. Too little of all of us saying: ENOUGH!

What good energy means to her: Solar energy, free energy and my body after a Gyrotonics session…

With whom would she like to run a country: Buddah but we would sit on it not necessarily run it.

What her most striking moment was:
At the dance floor.

What makes her laugh: South Park, Pedro Almodovar, “computer says no” (Carol Beer, Little Britain)

What her Wild Wish is:
My wild wish was to live in NYC and I have been here for more than ten years… My wild wish becomes real everyday…

For more on Jessica Mitrani click here.

text by: Guillaume Boulez

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