Float Fall, My Girl My Love

Who: Ruben Lefever & Rozanne Descheemaeker a.k.a. Float Fall
Where they were born: Ruben: Leuven, Belgium; Rozanne: Asse, Belgium
Where they live nowRuben: Leuven, Belgium; Rozanne: Brussels, Belgium

Float Fall interview WILD mag music

What they do:
Rozanne: Studying music (French Horn) at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and hopefully finishing my masters this year. Basically, I’m playing 24/7. It’s heaven, really.
Ruben: I study Cultural Studies, and try to make as much music on the side as possible. Or probably the other way around.

What they’ve been up to lately:
Ruben: Too much, I guess, but all good stuff: recording, signing a record deal, putting out ‘Someday’ (which is our first release ever, really cool), …

Rozanne: Same thing.

If they were a sound, that sound would probably be:
Rozanne: The sound of a heavy rain shower (on the window of my room in the attic).

Ruben: TR-808 Cowbell.

What good energy means to them:
Ruben: The vibe you get from all the seventh chords at a deep house party.

Rozanne: For me, good energy is something you feel the moment you wake up and you just know it’s going to be a good day. It’s playing your first note and feeling right away that practicing will be a piece of cake the rest of the day. It’s being extremely hungry after a long day and then having someone cooking for you when you get home. And it’s the energy right before you go on stage.

What they think there is too much of, and too little of:
Ruben: There are probably too many social constraints. I even think that might be the core of all that’s wrong it this world — if we’re all getting philosophical anyway. If people would simply ‘act,’ instead of worry about how stuff might be perceived by others, I think we’d be a lot better off already.

Rozanne: I think people just don’t like to ‘be involved’. Everything’s fine, as long as it doesn’t affect oneself. I’d say there’s too little empathy and respect, generally, and probably too many people thinking they know everything about everything, regardless.

What makes them smile:
Ruben: My dog always does, and hi-hats as well, kicking in at the exact right moment.

Rozanne: Snow. Yes, even in April, like it’s the case here in Belgium right now.

The first record they bought with their own money:
Ruben: Gorillaz, by Gorillaz. Bomb!

Rozanne: My first ever record was Spice by the Spice Girls, but I’m not sure if I paid for that one with my own money, though. So I guess Whatever People Say I Am (That’s What I’m Not) by Arctic Monkeys would be a safer — and probably wiser — answer.

Heavy rotation:
Rozanne: I have my master’s exam in two weeks, so I’m afraid I’ve been in a really “classical” mood lately!

Ruben: I’m in a Bob Marley phase right now, have that like every two or three years. So a lot of stirring things up and rocking boats for the moment.

Float Fall interview WILD mag music

Where they go to be alone:
Rozanne: I’m a city girl, so I have my spots with large city views I go to. Makes you feel really small, all the lights and traffic of a city… being absorbed by the city, kind of like in Lost in Translation.

Ruben: I like ‘being alone’ whilst in a crowd, so I enjoy walking through busy shopping streets and watching stuff.

Whom they consider a style icon:
Ruben: To me, the girls of CocoRosie have an unrivaled nose for calculated nonchalance in everything they do.

Rozanne: I consider anyone who’s brave enough to wear what he or she wants to wear, without thinking about what one should wear, a style icon. I think — although our styles don’t resemble each other at all — my little sister is a style icon.

Their favorite person in the world:
Ruben: My girl.

Rozanne: My love.

Rozanne & Ruben’s WILD Wish:
Rozanne: Might not be too wild, but I think I’d simply wish for a happy and healthy life for everyone I love.

Ruben: I want to see the world. A lot of people just don’t get to it. I hope I do.

text by: Blaine Skrainka

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