by: Diego Martínez

August 18, 2011

Who: Florencia Alvarado
What she does: Photographer, art director,
Where she is right now: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photo by: Fernando Hideki Tsuchiya

What’s on her mind today:
I had some weird dreams, and then I woke up, wanting to go to Europe for a few months to assist a photographer or something like that. That would be lovely.

What she is currently working on:
I posted a new work last week called “Fantasma”. I started work on it last year in 35mm and I showed it in a 3-day art show event in NYC. I would like to publish that, or any of my pictures in a book. I love books!

With whom she would most like to go on a “tête à tête”: Three directors I’m really attracted to, empathize with and would love to talk/work/assist: Woody Allen, David Lynch and Pedro Almodovar. I’m fascinated by Almodovar and Allen’s characters and situations, as well as Lynch’s movie atmospheres.

What good energy means to her: It’s what attracts me to people; it is a magnetic feeling that connects me with people, things and spaces.

What her earliest memory is: I have this blurry memory of the first time I saw water (sea, beach), I remember the feeling of my baby feet touching the crystalline water.

Who represents her “artistic” family:
My artistic family is represented by my real blood family, my sister is like an artist/designer/illustrator, she is younger than me, her style is really fresh, and she is talented and soft. My father is an artist in real life, so we grew up with that feeling, and my mother is like the First Lady of local arts in my hometown of Maracaibo, Venezuela…just kidding!

What she would like to leave to future generation: To stay glued to their passions…to be faithful to what they feel, like and think…

What her Wild Wish is: A wild and romantic love!

For more on Florencia’s work, visit her blog . Also, follow her on  tumblr & twitter .


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